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Here Comes 2011 Ready or Not

Here Comes 2011 Ready or Not

Well folks 2010 is pretty much in the history books. How was 2010 for you and your family ? I found it to be a very challenging year especially in business. Each year between Christmas and New years I review my previous years goals as compared to what I accomplished and I set new goals for the coming year. I believe goal setting is important and writing those goals down essential to staying focused as we continue through the year.

Try and visualize this. Your goals make up the path you travel through the forest of Life. With out a path to follow it is very easy to lose your way. Anyone who has ever been lost in the woods can relate to this. As in any forest the woods are full of many obstacles. A path can help you avoid those obstacles. Obstacles that abound in the forest of life include relationships that do not work out, illness, financial problems, the death of a loved one and many more. Contrary to what you may think every individual must travel through the forest of life all dealing with similar issues. The question is why do some people manage to stay on the path so much better than others ? In my humble opinion the answer is relatively simple . These people are just better pre-pared for the journey.

As a young boy I was very involved in Scouts and one of the requirements to obtain my Queen’s Scouts was to stay overnight in the woods in the middle of winter. I accomplished this at the age of 14 by making sure I was prepared for the journey with matches in a water proof container. The knowledge of how to build and maintain a fire. A knapsack full of everything I would need. Proper clothing and footwear and last but not least a compass and the ability to use it. I succeeded because I was prepared. I knew what I needed. In the forest of Life you need preparation.

In my opinion you need goals, faith, and the support of your loved ones to stay on the right path in life. You need balance. In my opinion God comes first (Whatever you conceive God to be) You have to be strong spiritually. Family comes next and your career third.

Why not try to make 2011 your best year ever by writing down your spiritual goals, your family (Or relationship) goals and then your career goals. The forest of life will still place obstacles in your path but you will have put in place a map to follow and goals to refer to to keep you on track.

Happy New Year

Larry      http://www.larrymatthews.com


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