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Weight Loss or Wieght Loss. No Matter How You Spell It Millions Could Use Help

Weight Loss or Wieght Loss

No matter how you say it or spell it how to lose weight is something millions of people around the world would like to learn how to do.

For the first 50 years of my life I was over weight. Early in life other than the social stigma and embarrassment I could function and the weight didn’t seem to be that much of a handicap. My friends nick named me Big Luke and as a construction worker I was somewhat proud of that name.

In my early years I didn’t realize I was basically eating myself to death. Kentucky Fried Chicken had just opened a restaurant in our city and it was nothing for me on pay day to buy a whole bucket and eat it all myself. That was 43 years ago and the chicken was bigger and so were the buckets.

I joined the military when I was 19 and after basic training I was a trim healthy 195 lbs. I was active playing ball and snowmobiling in the winter. Married at 22 my first daughter was born in Northern Manitoba where I was working under ground mining nickel. I moved back home to the east coast and worked as a carpenter and got into real estate. My second daughter was born and at 27 I started my own business. Eventually I was just selling real estate and doing appraisals. Not as physically active my weight went to 300 lbs and at 50 I had a heart attack and later discovered I was diabetic. My doctor informed me the excess weight was the biggest culprit.

I know what you are thinking “ We all know that”. Yes but here is the purpose of this article and what you need to know. While in the hospital for three weeks with no exercise I lost 25 lbs. It was the diet. It was the diet the hospital put me on while I was there. When I got home from the hospital I went to work and researched dieting and weight loss. I found this ebook written by some Craig guy who was a consultant to some actors and TV personalities. Craig knew his stuff. Things like what to eat to increase your metabolism and burn more fat. Many things no one had told me not even my doctor.

Well here it is 10 years later. My wieght is 250 lbs and that 50lbs has made all the difference in the world. Craig doesn’t just tell you how to lose weight he tells you what you can and shouldn’t eat to live a long and healthy life. Here’s the link where you can get his ebook. A must read if you want to lose weight. http://larry14326.elite-weight-loss-package.com/

Lose weight and be happy in 2011 All the best Larry


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