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This is Simply the Best Deal Out there Join Fr*ee
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This is Simply the Best Deal Out there Join Fr*ee

You are not going to believe what is coming at
you on January 3rd right after the new year

It is simply the best deal I have seen
offered in a long time

All you need to do right now is join fr*ee


On January 3rd an advertising package will
open up to you that is to die for.

EACH Ad Share gets:

Send your ad to 25,000 pre-qualified leads PER AD SHARE! 25,000 credits EACH Ad Share
#2. Leads - Leads - Leads!
Every Ad share gets 1,000 pre-screened leads that have all been surveyed by PHONE!
#3. Your Ads plastered all over the internet via our Ad Network of sites!
Each Ad Share gets ad credits out the WAAZZZOOO! 50,000 impressions!

See what I mean. It's to die for.

You know I am in this right up to my eyeballs
and when the doors open I will be grabbing these
ad paks like there is no tomorrow.

All you need to do is to join fr*ee today
and then you decide on January 3rd just
how many people you want to email.

Just how many leads you want to have

Just how many impressions you want coming to
you site.

See what I mean?

It's to die for

Get in now I will be promoting the heck out
of this site and you will benefit from that


Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

By the way you will be able to post to all
of Sokule's 85 posting sites right from this

You will be able to squeek your affiliate link
for this site all over the net

Coming soon to a theater near you. Stay tuned
for that

If you are net a member of Sokule, join right
here. http://sokule.com

Using Sokuel to advertise leadpakadshares will
get you off to a running start.



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