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Mary, Mary, quite Contrary - She went against the Trend. And she made a LOT of Money

Does it ring any bells for you?

Been there, done that?

Spent the rent ... on yet another Big Thing ...
... that promised you hundreds or thousands a day?

How often has this happened to you?



But allow me a word of advice ...

It takes exactly the same amount of work & expense to advertise anything ...

... whether it's the Latest Big Launch, or whether it's a small biz, a teeny weeny small biz that no-one has ever heard of ...

And guess what the WINNER is?
The teeny-weeny little biz that costs anything from $1.00 to $7.00 ... is the one that WINS every time!

That's the one which folks can afford. That's the one where they WILL pay for their site, or their membership, or their product ...

So DON'T wager your family budget on the Next Big Thing ...
Click on the animated pic to find a SUPER small biz that costs peanuts, but can easily bring you $60 to $90 a day.


 (PS: Mary now goes against the trend, and she is making LOTS of money :)

Best wishes! Dave & The Moonrakers
(Where are we?  Click the pic to find out!)

Treasure is Our Measure


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