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If I were an 11...Jane's Sunday Sermon
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If I were an 11...Jane's Sunday Sermon


If I were an 11 I would have two strong, straight
legs on which to stand.

If I were an 11, I could turn myself backwards
and I would still read 11.

If I were an eleven, I could turn myself upside
down and still look the same.

If I were an 11. I could be one half of 7 come 11.

If I were an 11, I could give you two strong legs to
stand on that could turn themselves backwards and
upside down and bring you luck throughout the year.

It's 2011; Do you have an 11 to stand on?

If I were an 11...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Sales were up in The States for Christmas, the
highest ever, they say, since 2005.

Unemployment requests were down by 34,000 on Dec 31st

There are small signs of recovery in the US and
everyone has their fingers crossed that they will
last and spread all around the world.


If your sales were not up this year-
If you are still one of the unemployed-
If the small signs of recovery have not yet
arrived in your house then...

You need a good dose of 7 come 11.

So where to start?

The net offers an answer to those who have two
straight, strong legs to stand on.

Build a foundation for your business online
and focus on what you are doing like a laser.

Whatever it is that you choose as a business,
give it the strong legs it needs to stand on
to succeed.

Viability and Visibility

Viability means there is a product at the site
that has long lasting value and that people
need and want.

Visibility means you need to get traffic to
your site and stand out from the crowd.

Look to join up with the innovators on the
the net, those who can see 2011 and beyond.

Innovators are those who see the future and
get out ahead of it. Follow their lead.

Hook up with those who know what they are doing
and who are experts in their field.

Here is what Phil and I are doing to ring in
the New Year with sites that are viable, visible
and innovative.

At Sokule, we will continue to add posting sites
that get you the best exposure for your own site.

We have 85 posting sites and over 260 sites that
carry Sokule on them and that will continue to
grow in 2011 as we expand an audience for you.
If you are posting daily at Sokule, you will
reach more and more people every single day.

Every time another site joins Sokule, you get
access to an ever growing audience.

Sokule is and will continue to be the Gentle Giant
of Advertising.


KuleSearch, our new baby, will be adding features
this week that are going to knock your socks off
and that's all I can say about that right now but
stay tuned for some really Kule stuff coming to
a theater near you.


Sokule and KuleSearch are the two legs you need
to stand on to get traffic to your own site and
make them viable throughout 2011.

Both these sites offer you inexpensive advertising,
a way to increase your bottom line fast and easily
Without visibility no viability is possible.

And then there is KuleSpace...

KuleSpace lets you meet the people you need to
get to know in an intimate setting where you
can become friends, ask questions and find out
in a heartbeat what's happening where and get
to be known as the expert in your own field.
Some really Kule People with two strong legs
hang out at KuleSpace.


It's 2011.

Give yourself two strong legs to stand on
and then throw the dice for a 7 come 11.

Have a great Sunday.

Go get um

PS I just bought the keywords 7 come 11, visibility,
viability and innovators, innovative and I hooked
them up with Sokule, KuleSearch and KuleSpace. You can
do exactly what I just did with your own Kule
Words and your own Kule Sites and get them on
top of all of the major search engines on the net.

PS Coming to you in February will be a new site
that will combine the power of Sokule with the
Kule Features of KuleSearch. We are simply calling
it for now KC and as we get closer to launch I will
fill you in on the details.















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