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Terribly Important Last Chance Call from Paul Darby on Jan 6.

Please experience the last post you will ever
read before you became one of the most
successful people on the internet...


Happy New Year,

I want to show you where the online moneey is
and how to get to it. Fast.

Google provides search results for the word
addvertizeing... over seven million times every month.

(spelling above is to get thru spam filters)

Please do not click this link yet because you will
miss the rest of this powerful information:


This may be bigger than the other big one`s on
the net, it`s crazy and is growing very, very,
very fast...

Ok, so are you seeing that you want to be
selling addvertizeing?

Ok now, let me show you something big:

I am bringing in two very special guests
on our Thursday Live Event who are
making a very tasty amount of moneey
selling addvertizeing and they are going
to show you how to do it.

Our Websites On TV business is currently
in launch, up thru this live call this Thurs
and we are putting all new owners in our
National TV Commercials appearing in
99 MILLION Households, SEVENTY

I am not going to try to list all the reasons
that this call can truly, realistically change
your financial world....

Can change your entire internet experience...

Can literally change where you live, what
you drive, and where you vacation because...

THAT is exactly what our live event will
do, plus...

I am bringing in two heavy hitters, two top
guns, who will share somethings with you
that will put you ahead of EVERY OTHER

THAT is what THIS Live Event will do
for you.

That, and we will offer you something so
extraordinary that you will not believe
your great fortune at being one of the
very fortunate people that made this call.

Please note this:

We fill up calls past the 1000 seats.

The people on the call are the ONLY
ones to get the call specials, and they
will be unlike anything you have ever

Don`t just register, BE THERE.

I`ve been doing this a long time, and
all I have to say is, some of my personal
best friends are coming because I told



Specials unlike anything you have ever

TWO TOP GUNS sharing their personal
secrets only to our community of callers.

And 72 National Televison spots appearing
in 99 million households across the United
States of America.

Did you want to stay with all the other internet
hopefuls or go to the front of the line in the
VIP Section with us?


Take care,

Paul Darby


If you are already a WSOTV Owner please
attend the event, we will be reviewing some
new stuff that you didn`t even know about.

I have announcements that are going to be
THRILLING - PLUS - our two guests speakers
will be sharing


If you have a WSOTV website, get as many
people as you want an email with the call
link in it, just tell them to sign up under
you to get on YOUR team.

If you like someone, tell them to do this
as I`m just sharing some insider stuff with
you, this is "THE" shot you have dreamed
of. More on this at the call...

If you are not already a member then you
can now pull ahead of nearly every other
marketer online in Jan 2011.

Please grab the launch special because
we are close to instantly doubling every
price... plus will be adding in the license
fee which we can not continue to give away
as we are spending thousands and thousands
of dollars a week now on our National TV
spots for YOUR advertising.

Here is the link to signup FREE now. During the
Webinar take advantage of the incredible upgrade
specials availablr ONLY to attendees>


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