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Not All Words are Created Equal

Not All Words are Created Equal

We are all very fond our own words.
We all think that what we say is worthy
of note and terribly important.

Am I right?

We all want to be listened to and taken
seriously but...

Not All Words are created equal and when
you are working on a Social Media site,
like Sokule, you need to choose your words
carefully and wisely.

I know I am like a broken record sometimes
when I tell you.

"Don't pepper people with ads"

I am sure many of you are now rolling
your eyes and saying"

"There goes Jane again"

But there is a purpose in my telling you
this. It is because I want you to suceed
and Sokule can help you do just that if you
use it in the right way.

Today, I want to talk to you about the how
to use ReSqueek and Retweet.

Here is what you need to keep in mind

Use these applications sparingly.

We have lots of support questions pouring in
on this so we made it a lot easier for you
to understand.

If you are a member of sokule you can
Resqueek and ReTweet your posts at the
same time.

If you are not a member, you will want to
join up right away right here


Here is what is important.

I want to talk to you about what words to use
on a Social Media sites, like Sokule, that may
get you more results. Remember your posts
are going all over the net to dozens of sites
at one time.

Make them count.

Let's look at  a couple of possible posts

Suppose I post

" I am in my garden today planting cucucumbers"

You see this kind of stuff on Twitter all the time.

My reaction is..."That's Nice. but who
really cares"

Now suppose you make a post that says:

"I am in my garden today and I used 1 teaspoon
of nitrate and it really got me a fabulous
cucumber crop"

There's news you can use if you are a cucumber
planter. (You can tell I am not;)

Or suppose you want to sell you house in Chicago

You could make this post

I have a house for sale in Chicago, Here's
a picture http://picture .com

Or you could say

I am selling my house for well under value,
in Chicago, for more info contact me at

Now there's something that would pique
someone's interest if they want to buy a
house in Chicago.

Bottom Line.

Give someone something to hang their hat on
in your posts. Some information that is
valuable to them and they will seek more
from you.

Informational posts are the ones you want
to ask people to ReSqueek or Retweet for you.

Do not ask people to ReSqueek your ads.

They will stick their tongue out at you
at first. They will block you as a tracker
at last and you will be the loser not the

Get the picture?

Go get um.


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc
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