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Happening Now! New Daily Special Hits Home Run!

Happening Now! New Daily Special Hits Home Run!

Hi [fname]

It's Live!

The Daily Special Keyword is Live Right Now.

Buy it and Pocket 1000 spendable credits instantly.
Watch your bank account balance grow when others buy
it from you.

You gotta see this.
It's another no brainer from the Kule Folks at…

[1] Sign up now!
[2] Verify your email address (hint use gmail so you get your
      verification email fast.
[3] Log into your KuleSearch members area.
[4] Fund your account with as little as 10 bucks.
[5] See what the Special Keyword is for today.
[6] If you like the keyword phrase, buy it right then, or close
      the popup and continue to your members area.

The daily keyword special prices always start LOW so that everyone
can afford them but watch them go up all day long as people grab
the 1000 spendable credits each time they buy.

So....log in early and grab them.

The instant you buy the special keyword of the day, 1000 spendable
credits will pop into your account.

Every transaction at KuleSearch results in comm-issions so you
definitely want to get in on the action right now.

There will be a new keyword special every day so make sure you
don’t miss out.

Why do you want to buy the keyword special?

Because chances are quite good that someone will buy it right back
from you so they can grab the 1000 spendable credits. That means
you make a 50% commission on the sale profit every time they do.

Build up a ca*sh balance at KuleSearch quickly. Buy the special of
the day and watch what happens.

It's fun.
It's easy.
It’s profitable
and the action is fast and furious
Plus; it's a great advertising investment.

$10 bucks can buy you 50 words to play with and those words
can get you right up at the top of 12 popular Social Search
engines right now.

Hint: If you buy the Keyword special make sure you link one of
your own sites to it. That way your website will display at top
of the results at 12 of the most popular search engines on the
net including Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, Bing, Sokule, Yahoo,
Google, Friendster, Bebo, ApSense and many more to come.

Want to increase your spendable credits fast at KuleSearch?
Buy the keyword special and watch your credit account skyrocket.
You get 1,000 spendable credits each time you buy it throughout
the day.

You also get 250 credits the first time you login each day.

Nifty right?

You can use your credits a number of ways…

Give them away to KuleSearch as a reward when your
down-line members take certain actions.

Give them to people you invite to join under you at KuleSearch.

There is a messenger box at KuleSearch that you can use it to
contact your down-line anytime you like. You can offer them
credits there.

You can exchange your spendable credits for Sokens over at
our sister site, Sokule.

1000 credits gets you 1000 sokens at Sokule which will let you
build a list of followers on auto pilot at Sokule.

In just a few days you will be able to purchase text ads at
KuleSearch with your spendable credits.

This will increase your bottom line at KuleSearch quickly and
easily and we payout daily at KS so it pays you to put dough in
your account and watch it grow daily.

Get in on the action today.

Sign up to KuleSearch here ==> http://kulesearch.com

Watch for the Keyword special.

Buy it and try it.

Watch your spendable credits grow like crazy.

Watch you bottom line increase fast.

Go get um...

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Holy Cow! The Keyword special started out at
20 cents 90 mintues ago and it is up to over 37.00
now. Someone is raking in the dough fast here!!!!
Is it you?



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