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New List Launch Will be Up on Sokule at 11.30 am

New Launch Will be Up on Sokule at 11.30 am


If it a new list...
You know I know about it

If it is being launched by someone reputable
You know I know about it...

If it will make you money by mailing, I
know about it...

And, if it has additional income for you
I know about it.

Well today...
Later today
at 11.30 am this morning

Go here

There will just be a link up there
It will be my link to a new list site
with a fabulous payplan attached and
time will be important as it has a cycler
attached to it so first in cycles fastest

You will need to sign up and no monkeying
around here.

It's a one time cost of 65.00 bucks for
a lifetime mailer plus the cyler so this
is a superb offer that is coming at you
in a couple of hours.

Wait for my link
I am right up at the top and I can help
you cycle with my promotions

There will be a bonus in the members area
for all who upgrade so...

Go Get Um later.


Jane Mark

PS Sokule knows everything first.
There is no need to wait for email anymore
No more blocked emails. Sokule never sleeps
If you are not a member, get on it now



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