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Sokule Goes Toe to Toe with Twitter
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Sokule Goes Toe to Toe with Twitter

OMG You Gotta See This

Tell me I am dreaming.
Tell me I had too much too drink last night

Tell me it is a mirage but...

Tell me if you are seeing what I am seeing?

I want you do a Google Search on Sokule

Just pop the word Sokule into Google this
morning and then watch what happens.

Tell me if you see something called
Real Time Results for Sokule?

It shows all the recent posts coming
through from Sokule.

I am about to plotz. (that's faint for
those of you not in the know:)

We're going to Toe to Toe with Twitter
and we ain't stopping until we overtake

Then move over facebook.
You're next.

I am over the moon
Drop dead going crazy here.

So If you are seeing what I am seeing,
give me a shout out at:


or just make a post from Sokule and watch
it pop up on Google in real time.

Better yet:

Join Sokule and become part of the Social Media
site for business that never sleeps and get
paid to advertise with us .


Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: When you sign up make sure you pick up
the silver oto as you sign up. That will
let you post to all of Sokule's 85 social
media sites and targeted blogs and when you
do, you can watch your posts in real time
at Google.d If that isn't enouugh to freak
you out, I don't know what it.

Sokule, It's the Gentle Giant of Advertising
and you can be part of it now






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