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Hello .. In essence this Wall is going to be my rant page..  Hopefully I will post often  ~ depends a lot on .. well.. a lot of variables.. Not the least of which is my typing skills..   skills?  ..skill??  ..have to sort out that little point of grammar some day.  !!

TYPING!  ~ it was never cool for blokes to do typing in my day.. yet I was intending to take typing [well, I did own a typewriter!] ..However, as events transpired, I acceded to my father and attended a school which did not offer typing as an option... Hence my poor typing skills. Perhaps I was a 'forward thinker' ~ dunno.. I just wanted to write.

SurGreen 05nov09


..By Crikey!!  bumbling around here a bit  ~ the theory is  - that I will actually figure it out  :)


SurGreen 06nov09

 Been revisiting things..  I have had some rather under utilised resources stashed in nooks and other hideaways about my HDD..  o well ~ a few of them are seeing the 'light of day'  -  finally  :)

If you liked it when you got it, you probably should use it..The latest and greatest may well be just that, however, the change in focus will only dilute your efforts. I have recently been going through a phase of retrenchment and consolidation of my resources. My results have improved immensely. Every day I spend coordinating my campaigns, adds to this steady growth in  my levels of success. The 'gaps' in my campaigns, while usually obvious, cannot be remedied instantly. It is my intention to stay my course and develop my existing resources until they are all at a similar level and only then advance to another level. I feel, this approach will improve my grasp of the fundamentals and enhance my capacity to improve more rapidly in the future.

..well ~ U gotta start somewhere!  :)  Y not somewhere near the beginning!

SurGreen 09nov09


So much for a quick online touch up of things.....  o well  :)  Work is a bit shy at the moment, so gives me time to develop things out here.

Good to get out yesterday and deal to some errant spring growth..not my garden, however.

~I reside in an industrial area..thistles between cracking asphalt are the flowers here~

The sun is gathering strength down here at the top of the world. As I no longer spend time outdoors regularly, a dollop of sunscreen was in order. Will be at it again after lunch.. 'twill be good  :)


 SurGreen 11nov09


 It can be easy to forget things at times. Times can be frequent or otherwise.


Things can be unimportant or not.


Times can be something, a speck in a stream, or an event destined to claim a point all to itself.


..in individual memory at the very least.


Times can be something considered and recollected..

.. with whatever association appropriate to events or happenings of the time.


In spite of this, times are in a continual flux.

This is a common perception of time.

Times do not, however, always fit this analogy well.

Those times resulting in a calamitous or, perhaps beneficient sequence of events, will forever appear to be a point alone. Indeed, a time in itself.

I may be in the midst of this process at the moment. I am not sure.

SurGreen  16nov09


SPAM!!  ~ soundz like one of the emphasised sound effects from the 70s Batman TV series...

..irks people to the MAX tho', does SPAM!!..  Not able to say that I have seen any pamphlet delivery boys or girls beaten up on the footpath for delivering their 'payload' upon an often unwilling audience.

SPAM!! can be easily deleted..  the residue cluttering up some digital archive space somewhere for some period of time.. Detritus from discarded and poorly utilised 'unsolicited' mail deliveries clutter and degrade water courses around the developed world.

Personally, I see the total vendatta against SPAM!! severely misplaced. Certainly, it fits well in the category of an annoyance to many varied degrees. I still tend to believe it is getting out of hand ..

 o well...

 SurGreen 20nov09

trubbles, Schmubbles

Up yer nose

And in yer eyes

just like Bubbles!


Schmubbles, Bubbles

just like trubbles

Down and gone

just like Mubbles!


Bubbles, Mubbles

Alive like Schmubbles

breathe in trubbles

just like Brubbles!


Mubbles, Brubbles

Free like Bubbles

Away on the breeze

with yer trubbles!



SurGreen 28dec09


In the city in which I live there was an annual street race. There is no longer an annual street race.


It had been running for several years, although several years less than the expected tenure.


The reasons for the failure were lack of profitability, both from the promoters and the council.


You may possibly surmise, from the mere fact I am creating a comment upon the demise of the event that I am in some way personally concerned or impacted by this situation.


You would be wrong. I am not a car street race enthusiast although, neither am I against the practice. That said, I would have certainly been more interested if motorcycles were involved! :)


Rather I wish to use the cancellation of the event as an example.

Both parties involved in this arrangement were so certain of a guaranteed success that they both ignored the third party, and certainly the most important. They ignored the public of the city. The very same public they absolutely needed to bring about the success they expected.


 The organisers treated them with disdain and made only pathetic attempts to determine and remedy possible impacts upon the residents. The council simply expected that if they 'built it', the people would come. That did not happen. The council neglected to involve the entire city and as a result the race area was simply ignored by the rest of the city during the event. many even chose to leave the city for the duration.


Please feel free to apply some lateral thinking here as I apply this brief discussion to internet marketing.


Programs and products, in spite of their inherent merits, cannot simply guaranteed to produce results. They must be worked upon. They must be understood. Benefits and worth must be communicated to the 'public', or in this case, the marketplace.


You must always think of ways to engage and interest the marketplace. Marketing is very definitely not a passive occupation.


This requires constant thought and adaptation.


..and remember.. Make friends and Have FUN !! :)


SurGreen 30aug12 


Hmmmm..  musta missed the SAVe (mE) button! 


                   ..  o well  :)


SurGreen sixth day of August2014


Well this is me in all my stumbpling glory.. 


Never figured I would ever be a profligate..  but then again, never thort I would even figure.. 


U know, like anything proper, profligate or other.


'tis at the moment of this propitious proclamation, where I feel a profound acceptance of my patrimony.



While my father waffled and generally cogitated upon events, events ancestral and immediate alike, it would have been simplistic to suggest that said meditations were vocalised to those persons around him.


I learnt so very much from my father. I learnt appreciation 


Alas, often the appreciation was belated.


Many events, many people. Not being there, wheresoever that particular 'there' was, was somewhere I was almost certainly to be. Right up until it was not quite the right time, if you can consider my meaning, to be there.


I was often late.. or Late often.. ..  U do not know. I do not consider things.  Time is an event we are all a part of. I cannot believe of an event where we are not connected yet separate.


A blink of a snake's eye can set upon the world portentous events.


The world always saw the snake as its scapegoat. Why did they realign their umbrage this day!?.


Please excuse me. I am rambling .. 


Thanks so very much for taking the the time to be here :)




I learnt so very much frm him




 I have


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