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SurGreen's Weekend Away GIVEAWAY

Hello all  :)  Compliments of the season and here's hoping things are tracking nicely ;)

I am commencing a little personal promo here ~ you see, the other day, I was checking my mail and found something a little curious. Undoubtedly interesting, curious nevertheless.

Why, I wondered, would an internet based social network be sending me information via 'snailmail'??

     ~~~~TO BE CONTINUED~~~

 I'm back!  :)  ~tippling somewhat so I will apologise in advance for any oddities....

Indeed, 'snailmail'! It so transpired that, as a memberof GIBlink having a little birthday bash, being 730 days or so old, I was a fortunate benificiary! Hoorah! .. alas.. hOooora..    sigh  ...  nothing local.. and I am several weeks [or possibly more] from being in the possession of the requisite wherewithal to, with gay abandon,freely  dissipate my presence around the globe.. well..  at least not my physical aspect.

This rather fortuitous  spoil was, indeed, spoiled by the less than convenient circumstances of my particular condition. Suffice to say,  I could not avail myself of this fine opportunity..  :(

I have been raised to respect both people and possessions. What I had been given here was in my possession, though of little use to myself. To ignore it would have cost me little, in fact, nothing. However, to not present this to other people, some one or more of whom could make utility of this offer appeared squanderous. Thus, I present it here, to you. As a visitor to this infinitesimal dot in the WorldWideWeb ( if you can consider an IP address as a dot of course), you can garner this boon by simply downloading this small pdf and fulfilling the following.



To Be Continued...

 I will be bak soon  .. sorry  the physical has an annoying habit of niggling me now & then  ....


Rigthy Ho!  Back again  :)  Short and sweet..  not sticky sweet just kinda orange juice sweet...

Here is the link to download a scan of the leaflet delivered to me. It is a Lo Res scan to reduce file size and a Hi Res detail of the terms etc may well be included by the time you download the file.. .. or maybe not. I can be found at SoKule  btw... if you are already a SoKule Member ~ just SQUEEK me  :)

'til next we meet then  ...






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