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Crazy, Crazier And Just Plain Nuts

 Crazy, Crazier And Just Plain Nuts

Yesterday I paid for a mailer
I used the mailer to mail out my solo ad


Mailing is one of the things you all know I do
every day and you should be doing this too.

Mailing to lists is an essential part of
your marketing tools and, when new contact
mailers come on line, you need to make
it your business to get on them and use

But The new mailer that launched yesterday
doen't just mail, it pays you to mail.

Yep!  You pay once and you get immediate
access to the mailer but you can also
cycle and get paid if you introduce others
to the mailer.

I like this
It kills two birds in one stone

You get a great advertising site plus the
chance to ea*rn additional income from
cycling and especially if you are my team
since we are right up on top of the
leaders board so I am going to do everything
in my power to help you cycle and ea*rn your
investment back.

But if you never cycle or you cycle only
a few times because you don't want to
promote, that's okay too.

Use the mailer. Pay the one time 65 bucks
and use the mailer.

If I sound like a broken record...I am

You must be mailing to lists every single day
if you want to succeed.

This is a good one
Get on it


Now here is something even crazier

Scott and Kevin at Sales Xplosion just Doubled
your fast start bonus  from 15 to 30. I don't know
if they just lost their minds or they are
in the holiday spirit or what but when people
double your pay, I do not look a gift horse
in the mouth

Scott and Kevin run some of the best sites
on the net and this new one is a hum dinger
with all the tools you need.

Do not look a gift horse in the mouth
Sign up and become a paying member of this
site and let me try to help you get sign ups
here too.


I am doing everything I can to help those
of you who need a push to get to where you
want to go

You need to take advantage of my advertising
reach and don't just sit there. Do something:)

You need to sign up as paid members of these
sites in order for my promotions to do you
any good.


It's nuts not to take advantage of good deals
When they come along grab them.

Go get Um


Jane Mark
JPE advertising
Sokule, Inc
Track us on Sokule

PS: My sign ups are coming from two places
and two places only. What I do is not magic
You can do exactly the same thing I do

Mail to lists every day
You will find them here

Post on Sokule and get your message out
instantly on Twitter and facebook and 22
other Social Media sites. I post at least
two or three times a day here

In fact I just posted this whole admin message
at Sokule. Take a look

This really is not magic
You can do this

Go get um





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