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The End of the World. Jane's Sunday Sermon
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The End of the World. Jane's Sunday Sermon

Good Morning

I thought the end of the world was coming when...

I had to go to Canada with its minus 30 degree
weather in February.

I thought the end of the world was coming when...

I had to go to Canada and miss the JV alert
seminar in Orlando because the dates conflicted
with the minus 30 degree weather trip to Canada.

I thought end of the world was coming when...

A meeting I scheduled at the same time I was
supposed to leave for Canada with its minus
30 degree weather and miss the JV Alert Seminar
got scheduled on the day I was supposed to
leave for the JV Alert Seminar that I couldn't
get to because of the minus 30 degree trip
to Canada.

It Muddles the Mind:)

The End of the World...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Yesterday, I thought the end of the world was
coming when I sent out an email to all my
lists letting them know that Sokule posts
were showing up in real time on Google.

I watched it for about 2 hours and sure
enough, all of the recent posts from Sokule
were in my face on the first page of Google.

Not only were the posts showing up on Google,
but they were showing up on page 1 in position
5 right smack in the middle of the page.

I was gobsmacked...mesmerized. I let all
my other work go and just watched as one
post after another came up on Google.

I waited for my partner Phil to get up about
4 hours later and showed him the real time
posts from Sokule on Google.

They were there...He was impressed.
Phil is not easily impressed:)

My support team arrived at 9.00 am, I showed
them  real time posts to them. They oohed
and ahhed.

Don't you know that just as soon as my
very enthusiastic email hit my lists with
the news that their Sokule posts were showing
up on  Google, I checked again and the real time
posts were gone.

The end of the world had come.
I was sure of it.

And, if the end of the world had not come, at
the very least, I had egg on my face.

It is not the first time I have had egg my
face and I am sure it will not be the last:)

But...It felt like the end of the world and
I wanted to crawl back into bed, pull the
covers up over my head, grab my cuddly dog
Cuddles and "forgetaboutit"  as we say in
New York.

I am sure you have had those moments when
you want to tear your hair out, wish you
could disappear from the face of the earth
or hide under a rock until the end of the
world comes and you could start over.

If you haven't had those moments, try them.

They muddle the mind and, if they don't kill
you, they make you stronger.

I refuse to accept that something cannot be
done but, when it happens, it feels like the
end of the world.

So what to do when you feel like the end of
the world is coming or actually just happened?

Here is what I did.

When I found out that I could not get to one
of my favorite seminars with some of the people
I know and love, I was heartsick but...

Heartsick never gets better unless you do
something about it.

When I found out that my Canada trip had
been changed so that I could get to Orlando
I turned heartsick into heaven.

I called the hotel to see if they had rooms
left and they told me I might want to rent
a villa instead of a room.

Rent a Villa? My ears perked up.
Yes! I want to rent a villa. Tell me about it?

It only took 1 minute for me to decide that if
I was coming from minus 30 degree Canada to
warm Orlando, a villa was just what the doctored
ordered and so it was booked. Done!

I called the airlines and told them I wanted
to fly first class and spend no money getting
to Orlando.

"No Worries", my travel agent said. "You have
plenty of points to cover your tickets."

"Done!" I said.

When my important meeting got changed to
the day before I am supposed to leave for
Orlando, I smiled and thought to myself
well...maybe the end of the world is not
coming after all.

But Then there was Google...

So now what to do about that fact that Google
decided to yank Sokule's real time posts
without any warning or notice and after
I swooned about it to all of my lists.

First thought:

I could sue them for... for... for...malfeasance.

I let that one go right away:)

I could stop sending emails to my lists.
Hmmm. Maybe not the best solution

And then I realized...Wait a Minute...

I have my own search engine.

My own search engine searches Google plus
11 other search engines and it is much
more fun to use than Google and it pays
people money and...

If Google can make Sokule's real time posts
show on its engine then I can make it show
on mind.

So there, Google...Take your posts and you
know what. I can do better!

The end of the world is not coming at all,
If Google does not show real time posts for
Sokule, then KuleSearch will.

Watch! It shall be so. Maybe not today but
you can bet on it soon.

Bottom line...

We all get into messes and sometimes we can't
see the way out of them but...

There usually is a way out and it just takes
a little creative thinking and the determination
to make lemonade out of lemons or to turn

Minus 30 degrees into a warm 78 or...

To turn hotel rooms into Villas or...

To turn airplane seats into first class
without really paying for them or...

To turn Google on its ear.

It all depends on how you see it and, if
you look at it differently than it looks at
first glance, you may be able to keep the
end of the world from landing in your lap.

If you want to watch how a goof up at Google
turns into a bonanza at KuleSearch, join us


I am going to turn egg on my face into warm
fuzzy smiles for all Sokule and KuleSearch

I am going to do that while I am freezing
in Canada, flying first class to Orlando
to arrive in a villa  waiting to hug all my
friends at the JV Alert Seminar.

Maybe You can't start your own Search engine
when the world falls apart on you, but you
can always change the path you are on and
that makes all the difference.

Have a great Sunday.

Go get um.


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc.

PS: If you would like to change the path you are
on, it's not too late. Join us in Orlando,
Feb 18,19, 20, 2011 and meet some of the people
who have changed our lives. They can changed
yours too in a really big way.


I promise you it will be the best investment
you can make in your own future online and,
if you feel like the end of the world has
come for you or at least the path you are on
is rocky, then do what we do, change your
perception and make something happen that
can help you do that.


You will get a private invite to our Villa
if you are on our lists and a brainstorming
session with Phil and I and then who knows...
Maybe you can tell Google to shove it:)






















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