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Janet Legere Reviews Orange Leads
Unlimited, free, business opportunity leads for any business This little gem has been hiding out in my marketing portfolio, working away in the background even as I ignore the poor thing. Orange Leads is one of those programs that I joined and setup and ... well ... forgot about. You know how it is when you get busy and things get left behind. Throughout the past year, I've received regular commissions from Orange Leads as well as regular contacts from other Orange Leads members. Today, my annual membership came due and it reminded me to take a good long look at Orange Leads and what I found ... literally surprised me. I've been clicking around and checking things out and well, frankly ... I can't imagine why everyone isn't using this great resource! You need leads ... You need to talk to people ... You need contact with people ... You need people contacting you. And that is exactly what I am experiencing at the Orange Leads system. I went in yesterday and added a few friends and sent a few messages and I connected with three LIVE people who added me to skype. One signed up in my business. How cool is that? Now, don't get me wrong here ... Orange Leads is very complex system but there are a few things you can do inside the system to make it work for you. First, Orange Leads is free to join ... however ... this is one program you definitely want to upgrade in ... Premium members are featured throughout the system and because of that exposure, my list is growing daily ... yours will too if you setup and use the system. Step One is to signup - upgrade at least to Platinum member if possible http://orangeleads.com?id=5850 Take 20 minutes and watch the movie on the page. It explains how to use Orange Leads - keep in mind ... the focus of this video is sharing Orange Leads with Network marketers ... If you know anyone who currently buys leads and calls leads ... then you need to get on board with Orange Leads and share YOUR Orange Leads link with the people YOU know who already purchase leads. These same leads they BUY are FREE at Orange Leads. I've talked to many users of Orange Leads and they are seeing great results just like you will. There is full training inside the member's area on how to use the leads you receive. I have added a few of my own tips here. From your control panel, locate the Orange Leads button to request your free leads. If you do not plan to phone them, use the leads without numbers. When the leads come up, I get their email address and I add them to my Skype list. I send them a request from Skype to connect with me. So far, I see 3 to 6 of every 10 leads I invite, add me to skype. Once you have someone on Skype, you can have a conversation ... in text OR in voice! You can begin the important relationship building process and help your new lead get to know, like and trust you. Another way to connect with people is through other Orange Leads members ... you can join in the public chat, add new friends and use Orange Leads as a social network environment. As a member of Orange Leads, you will have the ability to setup your ads within the system. Depending on your level of membership, you will receive a lot of traffic to your ads. This is only a light dusting of how to use Orange Leads, I highly recommend listening to Timothy's training ... he does a great job teaching you how to use Orange Leads. Add in my little tips and you will have a very active place that is continually producing active leads. Happy Marketing, Janet Legere Internet Training Expert http://orangeleads.com?id=5850 Please take a moment to subscribe to my contact list ... you don't want to miss a post! You will find the form at the top right of this page.


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