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State-Of-The-Art-Sites Vision And A Site That Is Gaining Momentum!
Hello Fellow Marketer,

About a year ago, 3 partners formed State-Of-The-Art-Sites. We had a vision
and a mission to come up with something original and effective for Network
Marketers to promote their business opportunities on.

Our mission statement sums up quite nicely exactly what we are about and
what our company represents:

Our goal is to create original advertising website designs that are simple to
navigate but utilize sophisticated technology. With all State-Of-The-Art-Sites,
we promise to educate our members, disclose site results, and provide
outstanding customer support. We further promise to always be leaders in
innovation, and design our websites with superior engineering to provide the
best results possible for our customers.

With any original design comes original problems such as coding that doesn't
always cooperate like it should. It is much easier to just clone a tested site over a
nd over but that didn't fit within our mission statement so we chose a different

As a result, our first launch, State-Of-The-Art-Mailer, is now closing in on 13,000
members and is still growing. SOTAM also produces some of the best results in
the industry as far as mailers go.

In 2010, some of the most creative and original designs were launched by other
administrators. Something that hasn't been seen in this industry for a long time.

This is a good trend for the industry and more and more administrators are pushing
the limits with original designs and new technology.

Traffic Fusion (a Traffic Exchange) is one of those sites and their new launch is
beginning to gain momentum as a result.

You see, Traffic Fusion is doing something different, and original,  in the Traffic
Exchange community. They are rewarding their members with referrals for

One of the most challenging problems Network Marketers face is the ability to
recruit a downline. T.F. has addressed that problem head on by incorporating this
new concept into their site.

At first we were very sceptical because many have tried that and haven't been able
to produce. However, T.F. is showing results and they are now gaining the
attention of some pretty heavy hitters in that industry.

We are not always right, but we are very cautious in what we endorse as a company.
While that doesn't always produce us the most money,  this has afforded us a nice
following because we are helping people screen out the scams in this industry.

We highly recommend taking a look at Traffic Fusion. They are gaining momentum
and their Alexa ranking is beginning to show that.

Click on the credit link below to go there now. You'll be glad you did.



Brad Webb


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