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A little poem to make you smile---

       Chicago is a windy place,

       It blows the girl's skirts high,

       But God is just, and sends the dust,

       To blind the young man's eye!


Have you ever noticed that one line of a poem, leads effortlessly to the next

that smooth transition that takes you from start to finish!

I was just thinking about that when I joined a program a few weeks ago.

It started with a payment of $6.95 on the bottom step and the profits from each

step paid for the progression to the step above, until I reached the top (without

paying another cent) and during that progression, I would earn 9 million advertising

credits which I can exchange for Banner, Text, Log In, Side bar, web page views and emails!

These ads will then be shown to the 25000 strong members of the Safe Ad Zone, who are 

eagerly waiting to see what I have to offer


With a bit of luck and some hard work (if you can call this stuff - hard work) I and you can actually make 

$16K in only 17 weeks.

To find out how and listen to the full story, click the link - Oh, don't forget the 9 million advertising

credits you will get to promote your other businesses, and all from a first payment of $6.95.


It just doesn't come any easier!     Here's that link    http://trakim.biz/bx91


Wishing You Success


Keith Darby









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