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I'd Rather Roses but... A Double Will Do-Special Today

I'd Rather Roses but... A Double Will Do-Special Today

True Story.

By now you probably know that I have a little
puppy called Cuddles.

You can meet him right here if you don't know him.


The other day, I about fell off my chair.

I got an email from a man named Sebastian.

There was a picture attached to the email.

The email Said that...
Sebastian had been surfing the net and came across
pictures of Cuddles and was sure that I had stolen
his dog's pictures.

Oh boy, I thought. Here comes a lawsuit.
Someone was out of joint because he thought
I had stolen his dog or pictures of his dog
or something to that effect.

I read on.

Turns our that Sebastian has a dog named,
Dexter, that is the spitting image of Cuddles.

Well almost a spitting image.

Of course Dexter is about 6 years older than
Cuddles and, while he very similar to Cuddles,
I think Cuddles is more beautiful.

Well what did you expect. I'm Cuddles Mom

but...still it startled me.
Parti black and white Poms are very rare
and it appears that...

Cuddles has a double.

And Today, becuase it is Valentines Day so do you:)

The Cuddles, Dexter Valentines Day Special

Today and Today Only

Double it up!!!

Anyone Signing up to Sokule at a silver
level or higher will get their sokens on sign
up Doubled today.

Silver will get 4,250,000 (Value 5397.50)
Gold will get 6,500,000 (Value 8,255)
Founders will get 10,000,000 (Value 12,700)

The Real Value of Sokens in addition to simply
the monetary value is simply this:

They build a list for you on Auto pilot at Sokule.

You don't do a thing.

You will have a list before the ink is dry on
your sign up.

You can email that list every three days right
to their contact address.

There is no other Social Media site on the net
that lets you do this

There is no faster way to build your own list
than at Sokule. It is done automatically for
you using your sokens.

And today we are giving you double the sokens
you need to do just that.

I know today is Valentine's day and you would
probably prefer roses to sokens

But...Hey Sokens and a Silver, Gold or Founder
membership will last much longer and make
you enough dough week in and week out to
buy a 24 dozen roses whenever you like.

Grab your Double up Valentines Special today

Cuddles has a double and now you do too.

If you are not yet a member of Sokule, sign up
right here


And don't miss the one time offer for Silver
as you sign up.

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: We also have a Cuddles Dexter Double up
running at KuleSearch today. To Find out more,
sign up here


Go to the KuleSearch News and grab your double
up at both Sokule and KuleSearch.










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