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I Am Not Dead Yet- Jane's Sunday Sermon
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I Am Not Dead Yet- Jane's Sunday Sermon

I have two favorite sayings:

The first is:

When you stop learning, you stop breathing.

The second is: When you stop laughing, you ARE dead.

Last week and into this weekend, Phil and I have
went on a learning spree and laughed ourselves
silly so I guess...


I am not dead yet:)


I Am Not Dead Yet...Jane's Sunday Sermon

When you take yourself too seriously, there
is a price to pay.

You get lines on your face where your smile
should be and you begin to look like someone
poked you with a hot iron.

It's not a pretty picture.

So last week Phil and I did what we love to
do most, we wrote a Joe and Mable script
for a guy we admire, laugh with and have
learned a great deal from.

If you don't know about Joe and Mable, they
are two characters that make fun of all the
gurus on the net in short radio skits that
sound like they walked right out of the 1940's.

We have made fun of the best of them:

Shawn Casey, Willie Crawford, Mike Filsaime,
Mike Glaspie, Mark Joyner, Joe Vitale, Ken McAthur,
You name them. They have all willingly appeared
on the Joe and Mable show to be made fun of.


Because most of us who work are butts off
all day long, like to laugh ourselves silly
when the day ends.

One Character who, until today, we had not
captured on the Joe and Mable tapes was Frank Sousa,
one of the developers of Traffic Geyser and
top recruiter at Sokule.

Last week we remedied that situation.

If you would like to laugh yourself silly
click on the link below, turn your speakers
up, sit back relax and give a listen.

Warning: Do not listen and drink coffee at
the same time:)


Have a great Sunday and...

go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc.

PS: If you would like to laugh yourself more
silly, you can hear all the gurus make fun of
themselves right here http://joeandmable.com

PPS: Later on today we will announce who won
the KuleSearch contest. Stay tuned. If you are
not yet a member, you are most probably dead:)











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