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Devon Brown's YouTube Gangsta Formula = Increase Web Site Traffic with EASE!

There's a new method for spreading the word about
a message near and dear to your heart.

(This is AKA increase web site traffic)


UPDATE - YouTube Gangsta Formula ROCKS!

You can see the article onProfitableStorytelling.com

Want to read the whole story from the beginning?

You can read my original article here.

When you're involved in a project that's truly
inspiring and important, you want to inspire
people to get there, right?

There is a new challenge that is so much fun
and so inspiring that it is literally changing
lives worldwide.

This challenge is so amazing that people are
talking about it and sharing it with their
co-workers, friends, loved ones and even total

Sharing the amazing gifts of people is fun.

It's truly a love letter from the universe to YOU!

The reason the channel is important is because
it gives me a chance to spread the word about

The 21-Day "I AM a Gift to the World!" Challenge

The YouTube Channel, called  A New Thought for the Day is

a place to fill yourself with inspirational thoughts
AND find out about the Challenge.

The challenge is not in any way affiliated with a religion or set of bleiefs.

The featured video right now shows  a juggler and a
message about how every person is a GIFT to the world.

Here is a little bit of background.

3 weeks ago, The Challenge met a new method for
gaining targeted web site traffic using Devon Brown's
YouTube Gangsta Formula, which he is currently giving away.

Thanks to my friend Devon, a little automation and
truly good, useful content bring vistors to the Challenge.

Remember -  the YouTube channel A New Thought for the Day went up

only 3 weeks ago.

Here are the channel stats as of Monday, February 14, 2011.

   Channel Views: 5,159
   Total Upload Views: 1,864
   Joined: January 20, 2011
   Website: http://ct.ebizac.com/t.php/36511/3/B/T/3269926/
   Subscribers: 147
   Friends: 1,682
   Channel comments 139

It's all about ---

Taking Inspired Action to COMPLETION!

Spreading a message takes consistency. As with
any system, the first key is implementation and the
second key is to follow directions precisely.

Do you follow directions?

If you are willing to follow directions, you can get
amazing results with the right system.

So think about what is important to you right now.

This might be a business, a charity, or a powerful
message you feel compelled to share.

Is there a cause, mission, or message that is near
and dear to your heart?

If so, then give the YouTube Gangsta Formula a try.

Get all the details at

--> http://ct.ebizac.com/t.php/36511/4/B/T/3269926/

Make it a great day!

and ---as always ---

Follow Your BLISS!


PS take the 21-day I AM a Gift to the World Challenge
at --> http://ct.ebizac.com/t.php/36511/5/B/T/3269926/ It's free and a whole
lot of fun!


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