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Sokule We Are So Pleased to Announce...
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Sokule We Are So Pleased to Announce...

We are so pleased to announce to you that
Sokule is now a partner site with one of
my favorite sites on the net.

It's called Giblink and, about three years
ago, Giblink pioneered the concept of Social
Media sites that pay you.

Unlike facebook and My Space, Giblink set
up a community of Business people who were
looking for other business people to
communicate with, to learn from and to
brain Strom with and to make sales to.

We call Sokule Twitter Monetized.

I guess you could call Giblink Facebook Monetized.

Sokule is a similar concept To Giblink except
that we set it up as your way around email
giving you the ability to post  all over the net,
to grow a list fast to have access to that list
both through posting and through email and of
course to reach 25 other Social Media sites
with your posts. 1 click and you're done.

Giblink and Sokule fit hand in glove.
You can go into Giblink and form groups
and become part of a business comunity
while ea'rning dough for almost any action
you take at the site.

We are delighed to be in the company of
Giblink as we consider it one of the most
innovative sites on the net next to Sokule
of course:)

I encourage you to widen your Social
network experience by becoming part of
our new partner site.

You can sign up directly here.


It's free to join

It will be in our partner site box in the
Sokule member area in just a couple of days

You can see Sokule at Giblink on the menu
link that says Advertise

Take a look here

Like Sokule, Giblink is Built for Business

Business is what we are all about.

Once again we are so pleased to partner with Giblink
and we welcome all Giblink members into the Sokule

Have a great weekend and...

Go Get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS Yesterday I made an offer for discounted Sokule
Silver members ships to the first 25 who took me
up on it. You guys snapped them up and 18 of them
are gone so the offer is not going to last much
longer. In fact it looks like they will be gone

If you missed the oto link when you signed up
and you want 100.00 off the Sokule Silver membership
you need to get in there today.

It's a holdiay special. It will end tomorrow night
at midnight est or whenever the last 7 sell out.
This is a really fabulous deal as you get all
the applications in the members area and any of
those that we add over the next year.

You get to post to all 25 Social Media sites
You ea*rn a 40% commission on sales.
You get 125,000 fr.ee Sokens to use to get trackers
That's worth almost as much as the upgrade.

You gotta be nuts to miss this again.
You will not see it again as it is only
shows to people at the time they sign up

If you want the discount paylink and the Silver upgrade
make sure you get to me today. There are only 7 left


Send me your full name and your Sokule username
and I will send you the special discount link
to use and then upgrade you manually once you
pay for the Silver membership.




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