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If a Blind Man can do this, Why Can't YOU??
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Is it possible to have a quality product associated with a home-based business opportunity? The answer to that question is a resounding yes. 

The most pressing question for most home-based business shoppers today is: "can I do it?"  With this business model, you can definitely do it.  Just ask me, I did. 

This system does many of the things that most people just hate to do: present, explain, sell, close, and follow-up.  Our system does all these things for you. 

Although this product has just launched, The company has had a 10 year track record of success with this product.  Their product is a nationally recognized product that has been featured on popular shows including Dateline, Dr. Phil, and many others.  Just recently, this company has decided to change their business model to a direct sale to the consumer business model. 

Unlike most direct sale compensation plans, this plan also has a residual income component that allows you to earn residual income indefinitely.   

Join me: you can do it too and better yet, you can be proud of the product that you represent. 

Visit http://www.familyiqforyou.com or call me at 800-570-3214.  


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