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Sokule Founder Positions Spark Huge Interest! Time is Running Out
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Sokule Founder Positions Spark Huge Interest!
Time is Running

Hi [fname]

Last Day...Last chance
Read about our Two-fer Special

Have you heard about Sokule?


Sokule is like Twitter, but monetized.

Is is designed to put that green spending
stuff in your pocket.

It is rapidly becoming the buzz on the
net and started to roar imediately when
it launched

It posts instantly to Twitter and Facebook
and my Space and 75 Other Social Media sites
and targeted blogs including your own blog
if you have one.

1 Post. ! Click and you're done
Your message is seen all over the net.

Sokule Does all The Work For You.

You may have heard that some of the biggest
marketers and businesses on and off the net
are members of Sokule and helping to revolutionize
this history making site.


People are asking...

How do I get in on the ground floor?
How do I get in as a founder of Sokule?

We opened a few positions to satisfy the
demand and most of these were sold in
less than 24 hours.

This thing is flying...

Here is just some of what you get as a founding member.

* You will pocket our highest commission pay out
at 50% of every sale.

* You will get a permanent listing in our Founding
   Members Business Listings which could be worth
   hundreds of thousands of dollars to you over    time.

* You will get every application we add to Sokule
   fr.ee for life as part of your Founding Membership.

* You get to post on all 79 of the Social Media   sites  we currently have at Sokule and any we add in the  future.

* Sokule pings the weblogs for you and makes
Google sit up and take notice.

* You will get a 48 launch window notice on each
   new application that we develop so that you get
   first shot at selling it to your followers and
   your lists.

* You Get a Special founding members seal right on your Sokule postit page which sets you apart from  all  other members.

* You 5 million Sokens (Kule Coins) that let
you build your list of trackers fast at Sokule
Until may 31st you will get a Kule 5 Million
extra Kule Coins called Sokens at Sokule
The value of this is 6350.00 and that is
being doubled to 10 million sokens for today
and tomorrow only. Value is 17,200

* You will have the ear of owners, Jane Mark
  and Phil Basten and they will be open to your
  Joint Venture proposals.

Our founder membership is a very exclusive club limited
to the first 1500 people who become founding members.

The First 500 founders flew out the door.
The next 500 are on their way out and
the price will go up when we reach 1000
founding members.

Currently we are at 991 so 9 people can join us at
the discounted Founding membership price

For this weekend only we are offering our
a Fr*ee founder position at our new site
Kule Space for anyone who upgrades to founder
at Sokule today. This offer ends today.

Here is what you need to do to get our two
founding memberships for the price of 1

Sign up to sokule free here

Sign up to Kule Space free here

Read what you get here and use this as your paylink


We will then upgrade your two accounts manually
and give you your bonuses.

Sokule has a tiger by the tail and you could be
riding it as a founder.


Kule Space will officially launch at the end
of September and you can grab that tiger now too.


You can be part of this history making
site right from the start.

You can ea*rn your invest*ment back in a heartbeat,

Grab your founder positions now...
It is not often you can get two founder positions
for one and your time is running out at midnight
tonight est.

Go for it.


Jane Mark
sokuke, Inc.

PS If you would like more info on this Special two fer deal,
email me at






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