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7 Marketing Tips You Should be Using!
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1. Stand out from the competition
Why should your potential client choose YOU? What sets your business apart from the rest? Create a reason for your leads to do business with you. Come up with an advantage you will offer to customers that your competitors do not offer, and promote that advantage in all of your advertising. Will you give better customer service? More quality training? Satisfaction guaranteed? Think of a way to be on top of your game and clients will flock to you instead of the others!

Look for ways you can be a valuable resource for your prospects. Supply them with free information that will be useful for them. Help them do whatever they are trying to do faster, easier, and less expensive than the rest. The main reason customers choose one business or website over another is because they are meeting their needs, which makes that business valuable to them!

3. Keep it Fresh
Whenever you add something new to your website/business, you open the door for more sales to come your way. Adding something new may produce a big increase in your sales. Adding a new article or update on your web site creates another selling opportunity when prospects visit your site to see the information! So remember to always keep it fresh!

4. Follow-Up
Customers are usually more open to new offers from you immediately after they have already bought something from you. Make sure to always follow up every sale with another offer for a product or service related to the one they just bought. Many of your clients are likely to accept the new offer, bringing in more money in your pocket!

5. Gain TRUST
Gaining your customer’s trust is the most crucial thing you need to do in order to have a successful business. Customer indecisiveness, skepticism, or confusion are one of the most common sale killers for business owners. You must work hard to project an image of excellence, expertise, quality, and dependability.

6. Believe in Your Own Product!
Your overall attitude about your product or opportunity can have an even greater impact on how you influence and persuade your prospective clients or members.
Sincere enthusiasm about something is contagious. If you truly believe in your products and express it to your prospects, they will pick up on your passion and feel more confident about doing your product or opportunity-which means you’ve just gained a new client!

7. Anticipate Changes
Expect changes in your niche and be prepared to change with them. Keeping up with the ever-changing business world is one of the greatest challenges for your business.
Don’t wait until your sales start to decline significantly to make changes and enhance your business strategies. Develop the habit of looking for the signs in the beginning that something is ‘evolving’ in your niche and confront it before you start to lose business!


To Your Success,

Bob Clark

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