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Financial investing: Selling Short as an Alternative Investment Strategy!
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These days, the outlook seems grim no matter what your equity position happens to be.  Most people are growing more and more afraid to even sneak a peak at stock portfolios and get a sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach when the time comes to view their 401(k) statement.


Because there is so much uncertainty in the financial futures of families everywhere, people are exploring new options and developing new strategies for dealing with many of the same old problems.  All assumptions about the market are going out the window as current market trends seem to be all over the place.


What is selling Short?


Selling short isn't a new type of investment but it is one that can pay big dividends in the current market.  Some would argue that it is the only investment strategy that is providing much of a return these days.


Selling short is also referred to as short selling.  Most people purchase equities with the intention of selling that equity at a higher price and making a profit.  These people hold onto the equity for a period of time and sell for a profit when the value of the equity rises.


Sometimes, it's a quick sell but generally, it takes awhile to realize enough profit in the equity to cover the brokerage fees and still make a profit.  At least, that's the way it goes in a perfect world and a healthy marketplace.


Short selling involves carefully watching the chosen equity market trends and determining in your opinion that a specific equity will decrease in value rather than increase in value.  The seller in this case doesn't actually own the equity.  He/she will buy it back when the equity's value decreases to a point where a meaningful profit can be realized.  However, if the equity continues to increase in value, he/she must buy back the equity at some point and realize a loss on that transaction.  Confusing right?


Risky too! Short selling is a viable investment strategy but only for investors that have more than their fair share of courage and a cast iron stomach.  Today, Normal equity market trends involve a great deal of volatility on any given position each and every day.  It diffuses the risk to some degree.


At the moment, there is a lot of down and very little up going on in the equity markets.  It makes this seem like a safe maneuver but in reality, you need the up and down in order to make short selling profitable unless you believe that the long term for the equity market is ultimately down.  Now is a very risky time to venture into this new territory unless you have the skill set and financial capability to weather the fluctuations..


What is a Viable Alternative to Traditional Investing?


Right now, traditional investing isn't serving many people very well at all.  No one knows where to go with their investment dollars and there is a lot of fear in the market.


There has to be an alternative, right?


There is!


Now is the perfect time to invest in your greatest asset, yourself.  Now is a great time to start your own business from home.  Home based businesses are the wave of the future and many people are beating you to the punch.


You don't have to worry about putting on spreads and you can stop pulling your hair out over the fact that your current equity position doesn't feel nearly as good today as it did two or three short years ago.  You can invest in something that will provide a much bigger potential return on your investment.


Even better, if you play your cards right, you can enjoy a much more immediate return on your investment.  It is economic times like these that we are experiencing today that bring about some of the greatest entrepreneurs and inventions.  Now is the time to put your own inner entrepreneur to work securing the future for yourself and your family that you've always dreamed you could have.


Wouldn't it be great to put all the old worries about paying for your kids to go to college, keeping a roof over your head, and even funding your retirement plan behind you? How many times have you wished you could do just that? You don't have to win the lottery in order to have your future made.  You don't have to discover the next Microsoft or Google.


You do need to be at the right place at the right time though and finding the right business opportunity today can position you in the perfect place at the precise moment that will change your life and the lives of each of your children permanently and for the better.


Isn't this as Risky as Short Selling?


There are some who would argue that starting a business right now is just as risky as investing in the equity market or playing the lottery.  The difference is that when you build your own business, you are investing in yourself and relying on you.  When you invest in equities, short selling, slot machines, and lottery tickets, you are risking all on the whims of Lady Luck or your friendly local equity broker who is desperately shaking all sorts of trees to get his cut.


You know what you have in you.  You know your strengths, your weaknesses, and how to motivate yourself to achieve great things.  You also know who your friends and family are and you know how to get them on board to keep you motivated.


Whether you've lost a job and are beginning to lose hope, or you've risked a lot in the equity market and want to find a safer haven, or you are just ready to move on and take an opportunity that you can believe in, you need to move forward and invest in yourself.   there will be no better time than right this very moment to start your own business.


You don't need a fancy office. You don't need an infinite number of hours in a day. What you do need is the will to succeed and faith in yourself that you can and will do it. Today is the perfect day to take back control of your financial future and put your faith in yourself!


To Your Success,

Bob Clark





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