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Amazing Deals and Fantastic Savings
I'm so excited my hands are shaking and here's why...

Deal Connex is a new online business that can help people
generate income simply by promoting great local deals that
allow people to save up to 90 percent on local products and
services. This five-level, commission-based business allows
people to tap into the millions of dollars being generated
by Groupon.

Each day, Deal Connex, now its pre-launch phase, offers at
least one amazing deal from a local business. Every time
someone purchases a deal through someone’s Deal Connex affiliate
link, that person receives a commission from 18 to 35 percent.
Deal Connex is tapping into a coupon system that people have
already readily embraced and is now allowing people to earn
money simply by promoting these deals.

Here’s how it works: People will “buy” the deal and if enough
people want it, that deal becomes active. Each deal has a
different “tipping” point – the number of people needed to
sign up before the deal becomes activated. Deals typically
expire after 24 hours, but since there are always new deals
it can be a fun way to save money and try local businesses.
Anyone can create a free account and then start saving on great
deals on restaurants, entertainment, gifts – almost anything.

Working in tangent with Groupon, Deal Connex offers a revenue
sharing system that gives its members 50 percent of its revenue.
Each time someone buys a deal through a specific affiliate link,
that person gets a commission. The more people using that
affiliate link, the more money they can earn.

Subscribers can also instantly become part of a revenue sharing
program that includes a 10-day, step-by-step method of creating
hundreds of Deal Connex members. Thousands of people have already
signed onto Deal Connex, which is expected to reach hundreds of
millions of subscribers in a year.

How can you benefit? Get started for free and learn more today.

For more information about DealConnex, go to:


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