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Author or Budding Author: Get Your Amazon Questions Answered FREE on a Live Call


If you're writing a book, ready to publish, or
already published - this will be of value to you.

(if not, please feel free to pass this message along).

As an author coach and #1 bestselling author, I get
questions all the time about everything from how to
publish a book to how to publish a blog to Kindle to
how to pick the best categories on Amazon for your book.

By popular request, this month’s free online writing advice
webinar is all about Amazon!

and YOU are in charge!

What are your biggest questions about Amazon.com?

You may never have paid that much attention to all the
possibilities for you as an author to get the most juice out
of Amazon.

Little Used Amazon Tweaks

Today I told an author to be sure and tag his book on
Amazon, and he had no idea what I meant. Do you?

You probably never once clicked on a tag on an Amazon
page, did you?

Do you know there are  tag communities?

there are discussions, reviews and more.

I KNOW you have questions

Because people ask me about Amazon.com stuff every day.

Mark Your Calendar and join the call!

It's Wednesday, March16 at 4 PM Eastern, when I’m doing
a free call.

The good news is that I am answering YOUR questions!

That’s right! I’m not coming in with a set program. I’m
answering your questions.

Enter your questions and get the call details at

--> Get details!


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