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Shifting Sands...Jane's Sunday Sermon
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Shifting Sands...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Hi [fname]

There are times when one can only
shake their head in disbelief, stand
down and remember just how very
small one individual is in the face
of overwhelming odds.

This week we witnessed the pressure
of an angry earth and a wall of
water up end the lives of hundreds of 
thousands of people in Japan in less
than 2 minutes.

This story has no ending yet.

We saw determined but under armed
and undertrained men and women,
in Libya, reach for their freedom
against all odds from a madman
with no moral compass.

This story had no ending yet.

In Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and
Michigan, we saw the rights of
people buried in the dead of night
by a small but well-funded group
of people hell bent on winning
and damn the consequences.

This story has no ending yet.

We saw gas prices rise in the states
and heard the usual, uninformed answers 
emanate from an ever present noise machine
with their simple answer to everything.
Blame it on Obama.

This Story has no ending yet.

Shifting Sands...Jane's Sunday Sermon

So what to do when the sands are
continually shifting beneath you
and the earth's angry, unrelenting
power shows you moving pictures
that looks like a talented visual
effects team created them in

What to do when struggling people
reach for a seemingly unattainable
goal in far off lands.

What to do when the dead of nighters
deal in the back rooms and their
bottomless benefactors deliver
the dollars to them with predictable

What to do when the price of gas
rises and strains the pockets of
those who can least afford it?

You have two choices.

Stand your ground and refuse to be rolled
or hide your head under a pillow and refuse
to see.

The death of one diminishes us all.

Depriving some of their rights,
diminishes us all.

The pain of one group, diminishes us all

So what can you do on this day of
Shifting sands?

The first thing you can do is to
go to the red cross or another well
known relief organization and give
what you can.


Please beware of the many many
requests for money to help Japan
that I have seen all over the web and 
facebook for the past few days.

While many may genuinely be trying
to help The earthquake victims,
there are always those who take
advantage of a tragedy and who
can make a convincing argument to
relieve you of your money. You are
probably better off going through
a reliable organization that you

You can help write the ending of
the story in Japan, to some extent,
with your dollars.

22 Arab countries have now asked
for help to disarm and remove a
madman from their midst. Will the
world stand by and say no? I am not
sure. We may just be too busy
fighting each other that we have
neither the will nor the resources
to join the fight in Libya except
by wagging our fingers and clucking
our tongues.

I never found that finger wagging
or clucking did much against bullets
and bombs. I am decidedly anti war
but there are times when one steps in
Is this one of them?

This story is still being written.

In The States, we are witnessing mass
schizophrenia. You can diagnosis this
without having a degree in clinical

Those who are screaming the loudest
to help the rebels in far off lands
are simultaneously and systematically 
determined to to take power into their
own hands and assure that only one party 
ever wins elections in the States.

As we are witnessing all over the
world that is a prescription for
failure in the long term.

How should I put this?
Perhaps very simply.

People don't like this.

Eventually they get fed up and angry and 
they come into the streets like they
are doing in Wisconsin and Indiana
and Ohio and Michigan and they
make noise, they chant and they sleep
in the halls of state capitals.

Senator Grothman of Wisconsin called
them slobs.

But wait a minute...

Aren't those the same "slobs" that we
are supporting in Tunisia and Egypt and 
maybe Libya?

I guess Slob is in the eye of the beholder
and if they are not in your backyard
they are heroes. When they get close
to home, they are slobs.

The end of this story has yet to
be written

And what about those gas prices
that are eating up all the middle
class tax cuts? What can you do?

You know that 4.00 gas that people
in many parts of the world pay 8.00
or 9.00 for.

Yes that one. The liquid diamond
stuff that we are all addicted to

What can you do?

That's easy.

Arrange car pools with your neighbors
It's a great way to get to know them

Take public transportation when
you can.

Patronize companies that are innovators
in alternative energy. Buy electric
cars, invest in a wind company or
a solar company even if it a small

Insist on electing people who have
a vision for the future and who
do not speak with simplistic answers

This story's end is definitely in
your hands but is has yet to be

You may not be able to control
the shaking of the earth but you
can help those who have been buried
under its power.

A single country may not be able
to intervene on behalf of the
Libyan rebels but when 22 neighbors
ask for help, it may be worth paying

When the "slobs" take to the streets,
look to how you want to dress in
the future.

When gas prices rise, find a way
to work around them.

The Sands may shift but you need not
get buried by them.

Consult your moral compass. It can
prove invaluable at times like these.


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc.










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