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Happiness Is Attitude

Happiness Is Attitude

What is happiness ? Is happiness positive thinking ? Is it our thoughts ? We all know happiness is the times in our lives when we feel good . What is the secret to having a positive attitude ?

In today’s modern world we know every tragic event almost immediately. We have to almost hide to have a few moments of peace and quiet. How could you not be effected when suddenly the evening news flashes a scene of a whole village in Japan being engulfed in a huge wave. Then scenes of a leader of a country bombing his own people just because they want to be free. How could our thoughts not be negative. The question is how do we handle all this and be happy and maintain a positive attitude ?

I believe there is a way. I think we have to overcome all the negative with our own bombardment of positive thinking. We need to take this flow of negativity and combat it with a flow of inspirational quotes, motivational quotes, positive quotes, inspiring quotes and inspirational sayings. I believe negative in equals negative out in our attitude and thoughts towards others. I believe positive in equals positive out. I believe you have to take positive action to combat this modern day assault of negativity. This negativity that is so visual (No more out of sight out of mind) so constant and so world wide. We need to bring our mental well being back into balance with at least as much positive intake as negative. We need to work to improve our mental attitude. Napoleon Hill in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich” claims the supreme secret to success is “What the human mind believes the human mind can achieve” . We have to first believe we can be happy in order to obtain happiness. We have to partake of enough positive mental stimulus in order to facilitate that belief process. Our religious faith is important but we also have to have faith in man’s ability to overcome our differences and work together for all mankind. Once we all believe that there will develop a world wide consensus that we are all connected and all need each other. Tragedies like Japans earthquake will always happen but mankind working together believing in each other united in our common goal of peace ,understanding, tolerance and love for each other. Willing to help each other .This is how we will all eventually be happy and content. Until then work at positive in and positive out. Happiness is attitude . I can make it easier for you. I follow many positive sources on twitter and retweet the best. Follow me on twitter and receive a constant flow of positive quotes everyday.

Larry Matthews http://twitter.com/#!/realestateHants


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