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Gold and Silver Savings Accounts

German Company owns goldmine, refinery, mint.  Offers free  gold and silver savings plans with no obligation.  Buy in small 0.5 gram to 5.0 gram quantities.  Gold or silver shipped to you or stored in Swiss bank vault at no cost to you.

Earn by introducing to others.  Use earnings to buy more gold or silver. Not MLM, no cost to open account or become distributor. 

Details:  http://frank.practicalgold.com

Each customer has the opportunity to purchase gold in a single amount (lump sum) with KB or you may choose to purchase your gold on a monthly basis.

Lump sum purchases can be stored for free or delivered straight to your home (in officially launched countries).

Our purchase plans offers complete flexibility where you have the option to return your gold in the event of a currency reform or in cases where your standard of living is compromised.
Our advantages at a glance
  • Lifelong free exchange of your gold bars, should the gold certificate get damaged
  • Regular issue of special editions and keeping you informed about them
  • A gold purity of 24 kt fine gold - 999.9 Kinebar quality
  • Due to existing mining rights, supply shortages should never occur
  • Free delivery within in all open countries, starting at 100 bars and a payment of 5000 Euro or more
  • Free storage of your KB precious metals, for as long as you want
  • Knowing that, in the case of loss (e.g. through theft) KB Edelmetall is exclusively liable. This is certainly a unique feature worldwide, as such a warranty can only be issued by a company that produces its own gold.
  • Knowing that your gold bars can be exchanged into currency at any time through KB’s unique price guarantee, payable in the currency of your choice
  • The physical ownership of your precious metal assets
  • A free asset inventory of your stored precious metals for regular buyers
  • Market-based acquisition prices
  • Delivery of only the highest-quality bullion products
  • Constant availability of your gold account
  • Easy to use online Customer Access Point
  • http://frank.practicalgold.com


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