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Here's How I got 297 Sign Ups In 3 Days
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Here's How I got 297 Sign Ups In 3 Days

Hi [fname]

There's a fabulous new advertising
site on the net. It's called staged.

Here is how I signed up 297 people
in 3 days

I used Sokule

Sokule posts to 86 Social Media sites

So I popped in Sokule and posted a
message about this new launch and
bingo it was all over the net in
a nano second.

1 post
1 click
297 sign ups.

I have a list of over 10,000 members
at Sokule.

Sokule built that list for me on
auto pilot. I didn't do a thing
I didn't lift a finger to build
that list. Sokule did it all for me
using the magic of sokens which
you will not find anywhere on the

I emailed that list about this new
launch which I can do every 3 days

1 email
297 sign ups

You can do exactly what I did.

Sign up for Sokule here...


But dont' miss the one time offer
for a silver membership when you
sign up, that's what lets me reach
86 Popular Social Media sites with
just 1 click.

That's what lets me email my list
every 3 days.


It's the Gentle Giant of Advertising
and if you need sign ups to any
site you are promoting, Sokule will
bring them to you in droves.

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: If you want to sign up under
me at Staged, do youself a favor
and get in and upgrade right away.

I am filling the binary for my
downline and, if you are part of it
and under me you are going to benefit
from my promotions.

I love this new advertising site.
It's really unigue and the payplan
is fabulous

PPS: And if you sign up and upgrade
under my link today at staged, you
will get1 million sokens at Sokule to
buildthat list I talked about on auto pilot

That's a whopping 1270.00 I am giving
you just to try out staged today.

Here is how you collect

Send me your full name, your payment
receipt for staged and your sokule
username to:


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