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Japan Needs Our Help

Japan Needs Our Help

Awe struck is the only words that can describe how I felt when I saw the news images of the wall of water that struck the Japanese coast. All of us trying to imagine what these people are going through and the truth is we can’t. We can only care , pray and send money. Even prayer seems futile as your faith has to be tested wondering how a good and loving God can let something like this happen. Japan needs our help. That is how God works. Through us . He does not cause these tragedies but he does cause us to respond. Now is a time for the world to unite and help the Japanese people.

The Japanese ambassador to Canada has informed us that it is very hard for them to respond to offers of help. Not because they do not need or want it but because aid is coordinated through local emergency response organizations and in so many costal villages there is no one left to respond. He stated the world has never experienced this before. Canadians returning home have commented on the courage and calmness of the Japanese people during this terrible disaster. I call on all those who are able to donate to the Red Cross the one trusted organization who will get your money to those people on the ground in Japan. Every dollar counts no matter the amount. These are people , families , fathers, mothers, daughters, sons and grand children just like our own. As David Suzuki says this is one planet, one people and we all breathe the same air and are all connected. If everyone in North America just sent one dollar that would be about $350,000,000 dollars. Think about it. A family of five would send $5.00. Yes Dad would have to pay for the kids or mom but that wouldn’t break any of us. Now is the time to respond to those tugs that God is causing your heart to experience. Let us all help Japan now.

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Larry Matthews



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