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Paul and Troy Release The First-Ever Direct Feedback Mailer + Claim 1,000 Credits Inside!

Hello Fellow Marketer,

As the Co-Founders of State-Of-The-Art-Mailer, we
are big fans of original designs, as well as, systems
that can increase your productivity.

V.M.P. from Paul Kinder and Troy Wray is that kind
of system!

Viral Mail Profits is a highly unique system that allows
you to get organized and manage all of your programs
in one place. Their system is setup to work so that you
are notified by email when each one of your mailers are

They also recently added the original "Direct Feedback
Mailer" feature.

That's right, their Direct Feedback Mailer surveys each
member and forces them to review your site which in turn
increases your conversions through the roof because they
have to actually rate your site personally!

Both of the original organizational system and the new
"Direct Feedback Mailer" should prove to be a very useful
advertising tool that will stay strong for years.

For a limited time, we are able to give away a whole bunch
of credits just for joining and you automatically receive 200
mailing credits when you sign up.

So Step One, Join V.M.P. here:

=> http://www.state-of-the-art-mailer.com/ViralMailProfits

That automatically gives you 200 Mailing Credits free.

Step Two, Claim another 300 Mailing Credits Here...

=> http://www.viralmailprofits.com/fridaypromo.php?rid=6341

And Step Three, Claim Another 500 Mailing Credits Here...

=> http://www.viralmailprofits.com/ourPresent.php?rid=6341

That's 1,000 mailing credits - completely free.

Don't wait, join right now!


Jaye Pause and Brad Webb


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