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One of the great mysteries of the internet is why people take the time to build a website, but then essentially walk away when it comes time to promote their website.  Building websites is not like the movie "Field of Dreams", just because you build your wesbite does not mean "...they will come".  To make your website a success you need to promote and market your website on a regular basis.

Traffic Tactics Gold (http://tinyurl.com/ylmfcdm) is the perfect website marketing software solution that provides any website owner with the tools to effectively market their website.  Laid out in a step by step fashion, it makes this a simple approach for consistently reaching new markets and customers.

Rather then a one dimensional approach that most website marketing systems take, the TTG System Software uses a multi-channel approach that distributes your website's links and free products to hundreds of websites.  This wide dispersion approach reaches new markets and new customers that would never occur with say a solely search engine optimization approach.

The TTG System Software is broke down into four main categories:
1-Search Engines and Directories
2-Social Marketing
3-Media Marketing
4-Direct Marketing

Each of these categories is then split up into seven or eight promotion modules that cover in a step by step fashion:
1-The Marketing Objectives of that promotion module
2-The Components or tools needed to use that module
3-Multiple Promotion Module Tactics that provide you with specific techniques to use
4-An Action Guide - that spells out in detail what you need to do utilize that promotion module
5-A browser based auto-form-filler that is directed at websites looking for the the information that was setup for that particular promotion module.
6-A Topic specific Resource section that provides tools, software, ebooks, and helpful links.
7-A "Show Me" Video section that walks a person step by step through every aspect of that module.

All total there are thirty different promotion modules covering everything from onsite seo factors, WordPress optimization, Web2.0 websites, blogging, videos,mp3 distribution, articles, affiliate programs, to offline marketing.  Each module is broke down into specific steps, making it easy to follow and market your website.  The vast majority of these modules direct you to websites and services where you can leave your information, links, and viral products - at no cost to you!

The TTG Systems was designed using the exact same systems that have driven over 1.2 million unique visitors to just a handful of websites in the last twelve months.  Everyone of these tactics are what is referred to as white hat - techniques that the search engines approve of - in fact actually love.  So rather and try to cheat the search engine systems - learn how you can work with them to expand your website's reach across the web.

As comprehensive as the TTG System Software approach is, it is not something you can "whip through" in a few hours - it is designed to give you a clear cut path, where with just a few minutes of effort on a regular basis - you can perform a specific actions - that is designed to grow your business - every step of the way.  With the step by step approach along with it's accompanying videos, it is very conducive to outsourcing as well.  I highly recommend you use the TTG Systems software to promote almost any type of website - so you increase your interested visitors, as well as your online profits.http://tinyurl.com/ylmfcdm



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