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From Jaye and Brad - A List Mailer Worth Joining!

Hello Fellow Marketer,

As the Co-Founders of State-Of-The-Art-Mailer, we
are approached with several J.V. opportunities
througout the year.

Due to time limitations, we are not able to promote
them all and decline more than we accept.

A common script known as the IPL script was launched
by several admins throughout 2010 and it has produced
some very good results.

One of those launches was by our good friend Stefan

We were introduced to Stefan a few months back and
talk to him often. All we can say is that this guy
truly cares about his site, his members and their

It shows! Over the past 12 weeks, Stefan's site has
been ranked number 1 on the recommended Safelist
listings by Traffic Hoopla.

Traffic Hoopla is one of the most respected ranking
sites on the market that has been around since 2002.

The best way to describe Stefan's site is a combination
of PLR products, video coaching and a responsive List
Builder with very good engineering.

As many of you list building veterans know, it is very
tough to keep a mailer responsive over time. Most will
begin to decline as fast as they go up.

Stefan has shown us over the past few months that he
has every intention of staying engaged and active in
developing and enhancing his site over time.

While that doesn't guarantee his site will remain on
top over time, it's a good fundamental that we have
lived by at SOTAM.

That being said, we would highly recommend joining this
site and upgrading. It should prove to be a long-term
producer for months, possibly years to come.

=> http://www.state-of-the-art-mailer.com/TheLeadMagnet


Jaye Pause and Brad Webb

P.S. Join Now and get 500 Credits, a Special Bonus just for
signing up and watch your Welcome Video!


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