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This is So Simple.. I Bought 100 of them
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This is So Simple.. I Bought 100 of them


When my good friend, Janet Legere, popped
up on Yahoo the other day to show me
something, I nearly fell off the floor.
Ithought she was sucking the sauce but I soon
found out she had been sucking something
entirely different.

I stopped talking to her the instant
she told me about this and popped into
the site and signed on the dotted line
and I bought 100 of them.

I looked at the product and my mouth
watered, literally.

I looked at the payplan and said anyone
can do this.

I spoke to one of the main distributors in
the company, Gerry Schroeder, and said
lets go on this.

And now I am a distributor.

It costs me 20 bucks- 1 time- to become
a distributor. I am serious. 20 bucks.
Nice! Very Nice!

What am I distributing?

A product that everyone can use.
A product that costs next to nothing
and that everyone and his brother will want
A product that children and adults will love.
A product that can be sold online or
offline, or anywhere you happen to be.

You can pull 1 out of your pocket and
give it to someone to try.

I will guarantee you, no one will turn
it down.

You can open a store online or offline
and sell it.

All the tools to make this happen are given
to you right there in the back office.
And you can make a lot of moola doing it.

If you want to find out just why I am
over the moon and going crazy today
drop your name and emil here and you
will get the info on this instantly


I will show you something jaw popping
that you will want to get involved in

Do it now...

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: I will show you why anyone can
do this and anyone can sell this.

Pop your email in here, verfiy your
email address and I will get you
all of the details. They will make
you drool. I promise you that and
you will be the first to know about
this new product that I am just
over the moon about.






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