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The House Mouse... Jane's Sunday Sermon
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The House Mouse... Jane's Sunday Sermon

Good Morning

They say that:

Sometimes real life is better than fiction

You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.
Really you couldn't.

Once up a time...

There was a country that had a government made
up of a House, A Senate and a President.

Together that House and the Senate were called


That country had a constitution that told
people how laws were to be made.

Here is what it says:

The House passes a law, the senate must
pass it too and then the president signs
it, if he wants to and then it becomes law.

Sometimes the Senate passes a law, the
house must agree to it and the president
signs it if he wants to.

There is no other way for a an idea to become
a law under this country's constitution.

So what happens when a group of novices
and uneducated people in the house decide
that they don't want to live by those rules

Well, if that house does not know or has not
read the constitution, then they might do
something like this:

A Group of people called Republicans might
vote for a law that said:

If we pass a law and the senate doesn't like
it and won't pass it, then we will simply
pass it again and if we pass it twice then
it becomes law. Just like that.

And the president signing it?
Not necessary anymore.

In one fell swoop, the senate and the
president became unnecessary.

We just stamp our feet and click our heels
and like Dorothy, the constitution just
goes away. Puff!

If this sounds like a story I made up or
that happened in some far away land in some
third world country you might say:

"OMG, She's just talking smack or she's
been on the sauce"

Nope! I assure you that this once upon a time
story really happened and just the other day.

In fact, it happened on Friday, April 1st,
2011 and it was not an April fool’s joke.

It was sad.

Where did it happen?

In Washington DC in the USA.

We are not talking Afghanistan here or
Libya or Egypt. We are talking about
right here in the USA.

At one point, in the debate on the floor
of the house, one of the congressman
from my state of New York, Anthony Wiener,
got up and read from a children's book called:

House Mouse, Senate Mouse by Peter W Barnes which

explains, in Children's terms, how the house and the

senate actually works.

I have read it many times to my grandson.

It became a YouTube moment instantly.

You can watch it right here

one newspaper headline read:

What the hell? Bill passed in the house gets
rid of the senate

You can read the bill.
Just Google H.R. 1255.

You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.

So what to do when the House Mouse spends
all day eating cheese and the Senate mouse
tries to make a sandwich out of it and the
Big Cheese is involved in three wars and
has a lot on his plate.

The heck with them!

The House Mouse...Jane's Sunday Sermon

True story with a much better ending.

Wednesday, I was in the dentist's office
talking to the hygienist. She has a college
educated son who has not been able to find
a job for over 8 months.

I told her that I had something her
son could get involved with.

I told her he could work from home
I told her he could make mon*ey that
would recur for him every month
I told her what the cost was to get involved.

"Are you kidding?" She asked

"My son spends more than that in a week
just on gas to get job interviews"

I then left her with this link

She listened.
Two days later her son called me.

"I'm In"

On Friday, the same day that the house mouses
in congress were dismantling the government
and jobs were not on their minds...

One person got a job.

Thousands of others will soon follow.

If you would like to build a house with
a strong foundation at a cost you can afford
and that has no limitations on what you can

Take this link

Take 45 minutes and listen to it from beginning
to end.

Then take action.

The house mouses may not know what they are doing
and are fiddling while Rome burns.

The Senate Mouse cannot act without the House Mouse.

The Big Mouse is pre occupied.

But you don't have to be.

Have a great Sunday and...

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc.

PS: Once you have listened to the call and
have taken action, there is a bonus waiting
for you.


Bonus: 5 million sokens when you signup as an
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