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No Fighting No Biting...Jane's Sunday Sermon
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 No Fighting No Biting...Jane's Sunday Sermon

When I was a young mother hanging out in
the New York City parks with other young Moms,
we were constantly telling our children

"No Fighting...No Biting"

All you young mothers out there, you know
what I mean.

Call it jealousy -Call it lack  of young
ones control- Call it normal- but children
frequently go at it like cats and dogs.
Young Mothers, it seems, always come
up with the same line

"No Fighting...No Biting."

No Fighting...No Biting Jane's Sunday Sermon

You probably know that Phil and I launched
a new site on Christmas eve.

It's called Kule Track and it's where all
the Kule people hang out.


You can get Trackers at Sokule and Followers
at Twitter Right from the same site.

You can build two lists at one time which
is why I love it.

It's a hoot and it makes life very easy for you.

You can ea*rn comm*ssions on anyone who upgrades
to Gold under you and upgrade they are doing
at the rate of 40% . Yikes!

But I digress...

When we launched the site we offered a double
up special for two days, one of which was
Christmas, so I got and earful and now we
have extended that double up offer until
Janaury 1,2010. I had to something to make
my ears stop burning:)

So from now until Janaury 1 1010, you will
get double the Kule Coins when you sign up
as a Gold member of Kule Track.

You will get 300,000 Kule Coins, a value
of 254.00 just for joining at the Gold Level
which is a one time, afforable payment.

So as I was saying, we are offering this
great bonus at Kule Track and all of a sudden
I get this flood of emails that say hey
scrooge, why aren't you offering a great
bonus at Sokule too.

Yikes! I thought to myself. My children are
at it. Why am I giving a bonus to one and
not the other:)

Okay, Okay. I give in. I Give up.

No Fighting No biting.

Here is the Sokule offer.

You join or upgrade at Sokule to Silver or
above and you get your Sokens at Sokule
doubled until Janaury 1 2010.

So lets recap.

Sign up as a Gold Member of Kule Track
your Kule Coins will be doubled to 300,000


Sign up as a Silver Member of Sokule and
your Sokens will be doubled to 250,000


No fighting No Biting please

Problem solved, Whew.

Have a Great Sunday


Jane Mark
JPE advertising
Sokule, Inc.

PS As the New Year rounds the corner, our
discounted founding memberships are disappering
by 1 and by two and three a day. People know
we are offering a great value. You pay once
and you get to advertise on Sokule forever
and you get all of the Social Media sites that
we ever add to Sokule as well all of the
applications we ever add.

The new Social Media sites that we will be
adding in, January, are all geared to Business.

If you run a business online and you purchase
advertising, then the founding membership at
Sokule is about as inexpensive advertising
as you are ever going to pocket.

If you would like more information on our
founding memberships, email me at


Our discounted founding memberships are limited
to 500. 382 are gone. Out the Door. Everyday
someone else recognizes the value of this
membership and grabs it.

When the 500 are sold, the price will go way
up and only an additional 1000 will ever be
sold. You are in on the Sokule revolution
from the get go. This site is flying. It is
well received and well recognized all over
the net. You can be part of that very special
group of founding members that get everything
we got to give forever.

Plus you ea'rn our highest commissions at
50%. It Pays to be a founding member of











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