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If You want to get in Early...Contact me Now
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If You want to get in Early...Contact me Now

You must do this now.Today!

Site is launching on April 14th
Please read below.

...Calling All Leaders Right Now! 8 left Only

I can only take 8 more
Move Now.

Big site launching soon
April 14th launch date.

For Once get in at the get go!

It will let you advertise your Sokule
and KuleSearch sites or any site you are
promoting in a jaw dropping,money making way.

I am looking for leaders right now who
can beta test the site and who can bring
other leaders onboard but I can only take
8 more.

You don't need to bring in 8 but you do
need to bring in at least 3.

If that is you, get in touch with me
right now and I will get you into
the site and get you in on a webinar
happening twice today.

This is a leaders launch beta test only
so you will need a proven track record
of being able to bring in a few leaders
and you will need to upgrade in order to
test the site. When it launches you can
join fr*ee but not today.

You will not be able  to promote the site
yet. This is a leaders beta launch only.
You can bring in up to 20 leaders now all
of whom must upgrade in order to stay
as members prior to launch and you can
do this by private invitation only not
my mass mailings or forum posting or
any public way.

If you can bring in at least 3 who will
upgrade, I am happy to send you information
on this fabulous new site.

If interested contact me at:


Do it now.
You will love this site.

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Watch for the Sokule bonus when you
choose an upgrade level. You can clean
up on sokens depending on what level you
upgrade to.


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