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Sokule Just Partnered With That New Thing.
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Sokule Just Partnered With That New Thing.

We love Social Media sites.
We developed and operate three of them.

We especially love Social Media sites that
pay you.

After all, if you are going to spend time
at a Social Media site, you should get paid
for your efforts.

There's  new Thing in Town.
It's In Pre Launch but not for long.

So don't sit on this.

This is one with a Matrix.
It is one with a fast start bonus
It is one designed for marketers online

It's that New Thing and We love it so we
partnered with it.

Sokule just partnered with That New Thing


Here is what we did.

Right at Bizoppers, you can post to all
of Sokule's 86 Social Media sites with
just 1 click by using the squuek button.

You will find The Sokule Squeek button
under promo tools in the Bizoppers
members area.

It will pop your bizoppers affiliate link
into a short message and out if goes with your affiliate
link all over the Social Media World
with just 1 click.

Bingo! You get sign ups.
I know this for a fact.
I use it every day and get sign ups.

Even better when you upgrade to Gold at
Bizoppers, you will get 500,000 sokens
from Sokule waiting for you to collect
when you upgrade to Gold at Bizoppers
( value of 635.00.) See the home page
dashboard on the right hand side to

These Sokens will help you build a list at
Sokule and you can promote bizoppers right
to that list.

And it doesn't end there.

You can pop your affiliate id for bizoppers
right into the members area of Sokule and
put the bizoppers logo  right onto your
postit page at Sokule.

So bottom line

That New Thing is a Thing we like but...

Don't dilly dally around on your upgrade.
They are closing up the matrix in just a few
days and if you are fr*ee, you are going to
get squeezed out like a Florida Orange so

sign up

Upgrade to gold.

Collect your Sokens at Sokule
Use the squeek button to get the word
out right away.

And pop your bizoppers affiliate link into
the members area of Sokule.

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Not yet a member of Sokule, join up right
here and work these two sites together.


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