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Important - How To Get 1000 Free 1-Way Backlinks
I don't want to be melodramatic in this note, but I
want to tell you about something that you DEFINITELY
don't want to miss out on.

I was talking to one of my mentoring students early
this morning about a promotion that he was
considering, and he told me about a deal that I'd
like ALL of my friends to take advantage of except
that it's not possible!

If you understand how websites are ranked, and how
the ones at the top of the search engine rankings get
exponentially more traffic, then you'll really
appreciate this.

Basically, all-things-being-equal, the webpage with
the most relevant external links pointing to it
will rank the highest in the search engines. Links
coming from authority sites, or high pagerank page
are worth "extra points."

Most webpages out there have fewer than 50 external
links pointing to them. Even some very high ranked
pages have fewer than 100 external links pointing to

What this means to you is that just by going out and
getting 10 or 20 more external links from high pagerank
sites, you can easily move to the top of the search
engine rankings. That's why I wanted to share this
with you.

My student is an affiliate for my article, video,
podcast, and press release submission service
EasyPushButtonTraffic.  He's also a big fan of the
system, and know how much it has helped him (and can
help you).  He wanted to do a special promotion for
EPBT to encourage more people to try it out.

So, the INSANE thing that he's going to do is give
anyone who takes EasyPushButtonTraffic for a
1-month test-drive (through his link) some free links
from high pagerank sites.

Get this...

He's going to go out and build 1000 external links
to your site if you take him up on his offer.  I've
priced link-building services.  I've looked into
hiring someone from India to go out and do it for me.
This offer is easily worth several hundred dollars
based upon the description that he gave me.

I said earlier that I'd love for all of my
friends to take advantage of this offer, but that
it's not possible. That's simply because my student
can only handle so many new link-building campaigns.

He didn't tell me how many he could handle, he simply
said that when he reached capacity he'd pull down his

So, you absolutely need to go take a look at
Michael's offer now.  Read the page carefully, but
don't think about it too long.  This IS a great deal,
and I do expect him to pull the offer fairly quickly.

Go check out  http://budurl.com/mikew  now.

If you're reading this a few days late, still go
check it out, but don't be surprise if the offer has

Ok, I've passed along news of the best deal that I've
seen in a long time... maybe ever!  Now, I'm going back
to holiday family fun :-)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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