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Sell Someone Else's Domain Names & Keep All The Profits

Get into this business-in-a-box for only $1 :-)

 I met Gene Pimentel at a recent Earn1KADay Seminar in
Orlando where we both spoke.

During his presentation, Gene explained that he's been
buying and selling domain names for around 5 years now,
and making a NICE living from doing it.

He shared some of the things he looks or when buying and
selling domain names, traps to watch out for, and stories
of buying domain names for around $10 and then selling
them for hundreds... even thousands of dollars.

Then Gene pointed out the he will even allow ME or YOU
to sell domain names in his portfolio... for any price that
we choose, and keep all of the profits.

He maintains a $250,000 portfolio, paying annual renewal
fees, etc. and you just let people know about the domains
names being available and profit.

He'll even set you up with a website that contains a
database of domain names that are for sale... which he will
automatically update.

When you sell one of HIS domain names, you just reimburse him
$18 for the research he's done and investment in the domain
name itself.

What could be easier?

check out Gene's Domain Profits Club here:

There are a lot of people searching for just that right
domain name, and when it's in your portfolio, you can
make a nice profit.

This is a nice business in a box that you can start today:



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