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They're Stealing Your Affiliate Sales - The Cloak and Dagger Solution

Affiliate theft is a big problem in the affiliate marketing industry. Some statistics point that affiliates lose 10-20% on what they could’ve earned if their links weren’t hijacked by savvy shoppers and other affiliates. Link cloaking or masking is an effective way to solve this problem. With link cloaking, it hides your affiliate link with a different website address that is more effective and shorter and makes it impossible for malware or users to block you from getting sales.

Essential to Affiliates-

Link cloaking software has emerged as a great solution to protect your affiliate links and the subsequent commissions. Think of a situation where the user gets convinced to buy your product, but the moment they recognize that it is actually an affiliate product and purchasing the same will help you earn some commission, they will simply sign up for that affiliate program themselves and use their own affiliate URL to make the purchase. They get the commission, you lose the sale. This is so easy to do with ClickBank and other common digital marketplaces.

Essential to Product Site Owners-

Search engine performance remains a vital aspect in determining how much traffic you can bring into your affiliate’s site. Therefore, using the link cloaking strategy is very useful in retaining your SEO ranking since it is believed that search engine algorithms do not favor affiliate links. Searching for an answer on the internet has coughed up conflicting information. However, the way I see it, whether you’re losing 5% or 40% of your commissions, a loss by any percentage is still a loss.

I recommend you go here and get this free report about link cloaking and the best services for affiliate marketers. I don't know of any better place to learn what works, and what doesn't.

Discover more about link cloaking in the free Cloak and Dagger Affiliate Secrets report.



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