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Ground Flour Prelaunch

I almost finished this SokWall when I got this message:
BizOppers will  begin the matrix compression process shortly. If you are not a Gold member yet, or if you know anyone that hasn't upgraded - now is the time to tell them to upgrade - before it's too late! You do NOT want to lose your matrix position!

I am sure by now you heard about the new hot Business Social site; BizOppers, sister site of SWOM, but there are some things what you did not heard, so please read this whole wall .

With BizOppers you can earn 8 ways,
 - 3x10 matrix , up to $103.000 /month
but $4.000 + residual income is realistic for Mr/Ms  Average Newbie in a few short month ,
with the Right Strategy. Jump in right now, while the site is new.
BizOppers is in Grand Floor Prelaunch, opened only a few days ago, on April 10TH.

If you are already in BizOppers, congratulations ! Keep reading though,
because you need to know the right strategy how to earn the most money
 - spending  the least amount of time :)
If you are not in BizOppers yet, click here to join:

Please note: You need to upgrade to earn, but it is basically ONE TIME  out of pocket. Your membership will be covered easily from your earning.
ALSO, Do not forget to claim your 500.000 Soken bonus what you get for upgrading.
This is a present from Jane Mark owner of Sokule.
Not a member of Sokule yet?  sign up here 
If you are a Gold member on both SWOM and BizOppers
you'll get 150% of Community Participation Bonus earnings on BOTH sites .

Not a SWOM member? join here

What you did NOT heard,
there is an easy way to earn   - without cheating, even without advertising and getting referrals.
(of course you should advertise to get MORE $$:)

Let me show you
the fast track to earning commissions,
 AND getting traffic to your other opportunities at the same time!

Let me show you
how to earn  tons of shares in the Community Participation Bonus Pool the right way,
how to send Connection Requests to EVERY existing member,
 and every new member as they join.
how to get tons of Gold Evangelist points every day,
and on an ongoing basis with little afford, little time.

For step by step instruction you can get your Promo Party Pack- totally free  click here
You'll also get a nice advertising goody bag there.
Validate your membership and login.
Then click on the Navigation Link on the left which says "BIZOPPERS".
Set up your BO the wright way! (Most members currently earning points totally the wrong way. Surfing the site and posting random comments takes lots of time -and boring.)

After accessing the BizOppers info from your free Promo Party Pack, you can cancel your membership. However, you might wish to upgrade to receive $17,000 in Free Advertising.-Including 20 Super Network Solos to over 500,000 people:)
If you can swing it, you should grab it ,start advertising BO. Remember the 3x10 matrix?

The choice is yours.
Finally, I like to invite you to my new Bizoppers Group; Kule BizOppers.
Join us here .You can win random Soken Bonuses just being active in our group.

I hope I can welcome you today in BizOppers and in my Group.

Gabriella DArko/Spark


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