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Passover Plus Jane's Sunday Sermon
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Passover Plus Jane's Sunday Sermon

I love the story of Passover.

At is essence, it is the struggle of a people
to break the chains of slavery and be fr*ee

Those yearnings are as true, today, as they
were in ancient Egypt and we see the universal
need to be fr-ee from bondage playing out in
Egypt and in so many other countries in the region.

It makes the story of the Jews escape from
Egypt as relevant today as it was in the
time of Pharaoh.

In my house, on Monday, we will be holding
a Seder celebrating Passover.

It is anything but a traditional Passover Seder.

I call it Passover Plus:)

Passover Plus...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Gathered around my table this Monday to
celebrate Passover will be Jews and Christians,
Catholics as well as non-believers. There
will be the very young and the very old
and everywhere in between.

All will join in reading the traditional story
of Passover and each will take a turn telling
a part of the Passover story from their point
of view.

Leading the service will be my partner, Phil
Basten, who is Christian and wonderful at
weaving the Passover Story into the Easter
story while making both stories fun, funny,
poignant and relevant to today.

My 8 year old grandson will read the 4
questions but only because he knows at
the end of the service, he gets to find
the afikoman (see glossary below) and gets a

I have traditional haggadahs(see glossary)
in my house which can take hours to go through
so we also have nontraditional ones like:

" 30 Minute Seder" and "Passover made Easy"

Usually, we throw them all aside and simply
have each person at the table relate why
Passover is meaningful to them and tell the
part of the Passover story that intrigues them.

Phil will then break the matzah (which he
calls cardboard) and proceed to tell us
why Pharaoh  was basically out of his mind
and brought havoc upon his own people.

I take it from the business aspect and let
people know why Pharaoh was actually not
a very good businessman.

He refused to let the Jews leave Egypt
and in so doing...

He brought ten plagues upon his own people
which never seemed very wise to me and
probably turned the whole Egyptian economy
upside down.

My Mother will sing the traditional Passover
songs and probably complain about my cooking:)

My Son Andy will struggle with the Hebrew
blessings and switch to English half way
through them but will have no trouble drinking
the four glasses of wine that go with those

My wonderful Italian daughter in law will
be looking to integrate some Italian spice
into the Traditional Motzah balls I make
and Lord love her if she can do that. It
would be a mitzvah (see glossary)

So while at the end of the evening, we will
all have remembered the struggle of the Jews to
escape tyranny and slavery from the Egyptian

we will also have woven that history into what
is happening all over the world today.

Passover Plus...

It is a very hip Seder:)

I look forward to it every year, at this time ,
as it reminds me to stop and take a broader
view of both religion and history, hold my
family close and count my many blessings
and do what I love to do- cook and set
a glorious table for my guests.

May your Passover or Easter celebrations
put your own life in the plus column.

Have a great Sunday

go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule Inc.


Haggadah: A book that tells the story of
Passover and from which everyone reads
at the Seder Table.

Seder: The traditional Passover dinner
which includes setting a table with certain
items like hard boiled eggs, salt water,
parsley, Charoses, a lamb bone, a cup of
wine for Elijah and of course Matzah instead
of bread.

Afikoman: A piece of Matzah that is hidden
by the person running the Passover service
to be found at the end of the meal by the
children in attendance. A prize is given
to the child that finds the afikoman.

Mitzvah: Doing a good deed for someone.

The 10 plagues

The story is that when Pharaoh refused
to let the Jews in Egypt go, God visited
ten plagues to the land of Egypt.

They were...

Blood, frogs, lice, flies, diseased livestock,
boils, thunder and hail, locusts,darkness, and
the death of the firstborn

You can see why these plagues might interfere with
the ordinary course of commerce:)







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