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Can you tell the difference between buying and selling?

The Internet is designed more for the buyer’s mentality. Why do I say that? The Internet gives its users privacy. They usually surf whatever they want by themselves and they can purchase their own goods without the need to meet with other people like in a supermarket.
Take the example of door-to-door salesmen or salesmen who go table-to-table. THEY approach you and you normally wouldn’t want to buy from them. You would be thinking in your heart, “Why are you selling me something? If I wanted what you are selling, I would have bought it MYSELF already!” See the difference between buying and selling?
People love to buy. They don’t like to be sold to.
On the Internet, don’t focus on pitching the opportunity. Rather, pitch information on HOW TO or arouse the curiosity of the buyer. People will look for something to buy so they can SOLVE THEIR OWN PROBLEMS. By understanding this key point, you will see how to funnel targeted traffic or good quality prospects for your opportunity.

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