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Staged News: More Staggering Google Results
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April 8, 2011

One of our valued members reported this morning that a whopping 18.82% of their Stage traffic is coming from Google searches.

For our newer members we'll explain this a bit more. When you make a Stage, the first step is to submit it on Facebook, Twitter, and whatever other social networks you like. As people begin sharing your Stage with their friends you begin receiving viral traffic as viewers click on the ads in your Stage.

In recent weeks people are noticing another source of traffic resulting from their Stages coming up in Google searches. This is largely due to the title and description of their Stage matching the search terms being typed by the person using Google.

So if I have a Stage about dogs and someone is doing a Google search about dogs my Stage could appear as a search result. If the person selects my Stage out of the other search results then I just got free traffic from Google.

A final comment is you can use Google Analytics to track where traffic is hitting your Stage from. This is how you can tell what percentage of traffic is coming from Google. With this in mind lets read what our member reported:

As of today 18.82% of my Stage traffic comes from Google searches and I have been doing some reading up on SEO to see why this might be the case. The answer was more obvious than I thought - Google owns Youtube!

So one can safely assume Google would be pleased to see you using YouTube on your Stage web site. Our Stages are basically one Youtube video with a little bit of writing and some outbound links. But the primary feature is one of Google's Youtube videos.

Here is the quickest way I have seen to get my Stages indexed in the Google Search results:

  1. Go to http://www.youtube.com/charts and choose videos that are known to be popular.
  2. Use a good descriptive title with good keywords in it. For example, "The Best Footage Of The Japan Tsunami" is better than just "Japan Tsunami".
  3. Give a good description and use good keywords in there too. Keyword popularity can be looked up using Google's Keyword Analyzer here - https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal
  4. Sign up for Digg at digg.com and connect your Digg account to your Twitter account. Personally add each Stage to Digg as soon as you have made it and then post it to your Twitter account from inside Digg.

Why Digg? Well, it seems Digg is very highly trusted by Google and the Google Spiders search there numerous times daily for new content and index them fast. I have seen my Stages indexed within hours.

Yesterday was a record number of hits for me from all sources including from Google searches. Today after only a few hours I have beaten yesterday's number of Google search hits. Over time as I get more and more Stages out there, I will own more and more real estate in the Search Engines and more and more free traffic will come my way as a result of that.

Persistence and action taken now will pay dividends for a long time to come in the form of traffic, sponsoring new members into Staged and Adsense earnings.

This is invaluable information, and it's being provided to you by one of your very own Team members who is out their making it happen with Staged.com.

To think that everyone here at Staged.com has the ability to capture as much Google and other top search engine real estate as we want is mind blowing. But there's one catch to EVERYTHING and it's coming up a lot more often now that more and more people are discovering just how effective Staged.com is.

The catch is, you can only control your banner ads and text ads and seize this viral traffic opportunity for yourself with an upgraded Staged account. With a free account you can have a blast making and sharing Stages, but with an upgraded account you can plan on adding one more feature - Making Money!

For more details on upgrading your account today log into the Members Site and go to Affiliate in the main menu.

Have a great day, make lots of Stages, and if you have questions we have the answers!


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