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Unsustainable, Really

We live in crazy times, check the news. Earth quakes, floods, tornatos, financial collapse and on and on it goes. You can feel totally powerless to change anything and make a difference. But information is powerful when it inspires action. The global oil crisis provokes us to take a look at how sustainable our way of life is.

While researching the rising cost of fuel I found this video called Unsustainable 2010. It's thought provoking because there is no political or ideological slant to it. As a famous TV detective used to say, "just the facts".

I hope you'll take the time to check this out. We can make a difference, we can change things and we can do it now. We don't have to live with our heads in the sand. We can face the future and take control of our destiny.

Click the box ( media file ) below and take the ride.

Bruce Nutting, you can contact me at,  mywaterfuel@gmail.com

Join the Water Fuel Revolution, http://www.mywaterfuel.info


Media File

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