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How Filing My Taxes May Help Expose My Abusers

Generally, identity theft causes us to think or assume that money,id,and credit is being stolen from someone. Right? Now consider the other kind...

How about the identity thieves who use a person's identity to build wealth & hide assets, paying the taxes on it to keep from getting caught, purchase insurance policies on the victim as if the victim had made & maintained the insurance on self, stalks the victim, makes money by secretly tape recording, video taping, & photographing the victim doing things such as taking a shower, etc. and selling those images, keeping the victim's inheritance from the victim despite the estate is jointly owned with the victim, keeps the victim from driving, working, earning an income, alienates everyone else from the victim, keeps the victim isolated and confined, etc...(to maintain the victim has "mental problems?")...then erases the victim from life & somehow claims ownership or responsibility of the money to hide the crimes...or..collects on it and uses it -while the victim is very much alive, but seemingly non-existent- under the guise of being the "mental problem" victim's guardian.

I'll bet the criminals of this type think of themselves as experts with the genius master plan that can never be discovered,proved, or solved, eh? Those taxes would be getting filed to keep from getting caught...as if it were the victim filing his or her own taxes.  Thus, when the victim has enough of an income to actually be required to file his or her taxes...and files....the IRS ends up with two entirely different income situations,addresses,work positions,income,etc ON THE SAME PERSON. ...then has to do an audit.

When the IRS does the audit...the real living person will be proved to be true...and the quest begins for whoever it is pretending to be the imaginary wealthy one.

To Your Success

Carol M. Marchetti

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