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Cross-Integration Is Coming On VIB... Will You Be Ready?
Hello Fellow Marketer,

We sent this email out several time to let you know about
this revolutionary new system from ViralURL Co-Founders
Colin and Frank.

We are talking of course about Viralinbox, which is an 
Email Provider and List Builder that includes a downline
builder, a system mailer that allows you to email up to
60,000 every month, an advertising program and much,
much more! 
The system even rewards you for doing things you already
do every day!

In today's tough economy you have to be very careful when
and where you spend your money. 

So many programs come and go.. or.. die out over time.

Viralinbox is one of those programs that will eventually
become the standard for our industry because current Email
Providers are cracking down harder and harder to make Email
Marketing even possible.....

And you could be in at the very beginning!

We have spoken with Colin and Frank personally and they are 
working on cross-integration systems that will be incorporated
into sites encouraging sign ups as people come into mailers
in our community.

The possibilities of this system are about to be recognized
on a mass scale. 

If you haven't joined and upgraded yet, you will be missing
out big time! 

Join now and be in while it's still early.


Brad Webb

P.S - As a Fr ee member this system offers awesome value,
but if you take the upgrades the power is AMAZING! This
system really should become the corner stone of your
online business. If you are serious about getting leads,
growing your business and making money online, you simply
MUST take the upgrade. The cheapest way to get it is to
take the first offer you see after joining.

We have an upgraded membership and think that it might be
the BEST value for money we will get on any investment this


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